We Always Remember Our ‘Babu’

Tribute to Comrade Bhakta Bahadur Shrestha.
Comrade Bhaktabahadur Shrestha, General Secretary of Central Advisory Council of UCPn(Maoist) has passed away, after falling from the steps of his house in Hetauda on Wednesday night. He was seriously injured and died on the way while being brought to Kathmandu for further treatment.
He was 78. He joined Communist Party in 1955. Known as Sher Singh, he was the General Secretary of Nepal Communist Party (Mashal) in 1984. Throughout his life, he always remained as a revolutionary leader . He was the strong supporter of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and always stood in favor of New Democratic Revolution, At present, he was the strong supporter of ‘Red Faction’ within UCCPN (Maoist). He has written many books on Maoism and new Democratic revolution. He has translated many books of international significance : Two line Struggle Within CCP and other materials from A World to Win. Red Salute and Hearty Tribute to our beloved Comrade ‘Babu’, a popular name within our party.
This is the great loss for Nepalese revolution. Nepalese oppressed people and revolutionary cadres within UCPN(Maoist), will always remember Comrade Sher Sing . We are fighting against the revisionists and all type of opportunists, within our party . We have strong faith on revolution and it is our conviction that the revolutionary line will prevail. We will march a head. The future is ours.

photo: nepaleverestnews.com

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  1. This is the great loss for Nepalese revolution.

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