Two Books by Rishi Raj Baral

logo coverImperialism of Today and The Maoist Movement and Salam Rolpa are the books written by Rishi Raj Baral, published on the occasion of Comrade Mao’s 119th birth anniversary.

Imperialism of Today and The Maoist Movement includes 9 articles.  Among them, ‘International Communist Movement, Current Debate and ‘New synthesis’, ‘Financial Capital, Globalisation and Today’s Imperialism’, ‘Against Neo-Marxism’, ‘Imperialism, Illusion of Post-colonialism and the fight for the National Sovereignty’, Trotsky, Trotskyism and Nepalese Revolution’, ‘In Defense of Marxism, criticism of Baburam Bhattarai’s book’, ‘The Great People’s War, four years of ‘peace process’ and the Fraternal Parties, are the main articles.

salam rolpaSalam Rolpa-Salute Rolpa is a book of memoirs. We know Rolpa was one of the main district of People’s War. First Base Area was established in Rolpa. Salam Rolpa is the daily diary of ten years People’s War. During the Ten Years Peoples War, Dr. Baral resigned from the university professor. In the beginning,  he was the regional committee member of Mechi-Koshi Bureau, the eastern Command, and later on, he  took the in chargeship of cultural front in the Western Command. He was also the in charge of People’s Radio in the western Command. Though, Salam Rolpa reflects the personal feelings of  Comrade Baral, but it is very interesting, and it has dig out several hidden truths.

These are the books written in Nepalese vernacular. But very soon, Salam Rolpa will be available in the English version too.

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