Telegraph Nepal unmasks the Indian conspiracy

(We have taken this extract from It was posted some days ago, though. But it has a political significance. It unmasks the role of Indian reactionaries within the Maoist Party)

Labeled as the number one illiberal leader by Kantipur National Daily, vice Chairman Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ of Unified Maoists Party said while addressing the inaugural ceremony of Marxist Study Center in Pokhara of Kaski District, April 15, 2011, said that none of the three party top leaders were interested in drafting the constitution. To which party senior leader Baidya belongs?

Ganga B.C. writes on Baidya in Kantipur, “The future of Nepali politics depends much on how Baidya will goad the Maoists party or how the party handles him.”

This does mean that Baidya has tentatively been swinging the country’s politics!

It is talked that Baidya was dead against signing of 12-Points New Delhi drafted and sponsored agreement.

“Had Baidya not been arrested by Indian police in Siliguri, the most humiliating agreement signed between India’s subservient political parties of Nepal in New Delhi would not have been possible”, comment intelligent observers.

“Pushpa Kamal Dahal who mysteriously became close to the Indian establishment through vice chairman Babu Ram Bhattarai and his declared Indian mentor S.D. Muni had plotted Baidya’s arrest”, it is also talked.

Baidya while on his way to an eye hospital in Siliguri was all of a sudden arrested by the local Indian police.

Ahead, Dahal was convinced by Muni and his ilk to release Babu Ram Bhattarai and his supporters from the party detention, so the Indian agents could manage successful entry of the rebel party in peaceful politics.

It was this Bhattarai detention that divided the Maoists party into two equal halves: the first was taken as Royal supporter and the second one as India’s proxy. The scar still persists.

While Bhattarai believed that Dahal was a royalist, Dahal panel took Bhattarai as supporter of expansionist India. With Baidya arrested, Bhattarai managed to convince Dahal of his line through the effective use of the Indian machination.



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