Support the People`s War in India

At the outset, the Revolutionary Intellectual-Cultural ForumNepal expresses strong and profound solidarity to the International conference in support of People’s War in India, which is going to be held in Hamburg  on 24th November. We, the Nepalese revolutionary intellectuals, writers and cultural activists, who are fighting for the cause of New Democratic Revolution always condemn the Indian expansionism and support the People’s War  of India.

The Great Peoples War of India is not only the concerning issue of Indian people. In fact, it has a worldwide importance and value. It is the part of the world proletarian movement. The international campaign in support of the People’s War in India serves to unite the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists and the revolutionary forces internationally. In this regard we condemn the state terror and war loaded by Indian reactionary regime to the people of India. And we stand up in support of the Great People’s War of India.

This is the week of the international solidarity in support of the People’s War of India. We hope that this historical conference will be the major boost to the international movement of support to the People’s War in India. Not only this, we hope this conference will be a rational ground to extend the unity of Maoist revolutionaries internationally, who are in the way to build a new International Revolutionary Movement.

Rishi Raj Baral


 Revolutionary Intellectual-Cultural ForumNepal

15th Nov. 2012

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