Support the People’s War in India

bulletin indiaWe call all  the solidarity forces in all countries, using all the forms of struggle, to inform and mobilize the masses against the Indian regime and imperialism. : International Committee to support the People’s War in India

International Committee to support the Peoples War in India has published its New Bulletin regarding the 1 July, 2013, International day of support to the Peoples War in India. Solidarity messages sent by Maoist parties and anti-imperialist organizations  including CPP Philippines, CPI (M-L) Naxalbari, PCM-Italy, Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan, RCP-Canada, Communist Party of France-Maoist MLKP-Turkey/North Kurdistan and  united front like NDF-Philippines and ILPS have been published in this issue. Last year, in the Hamburg Conference Rishi Raj Baral had sent a solidarity message on behalf of Revolutionary Intellectual-Cultural Front. This time no any solidarity message has been sent from Nepal-a country of Ten Years People’s War. What are the reasons for not sending the message even  by  Rishi Raj Baral- Central Committee Member of CPN-Maoist,  is unknown to us.  But The Next Front, the voice of the Nepalese revolutionaries, the true  follower of Marxism-Leninism- Maoism,  supports the People’s War in India. Not only this it urges the oppressed people of the world to support the People’s War in India. The People’s War in India is not only the war of Indian people. It has a great international significance. If we are not pseudo Marxist, if we are Maoist in real sense, we must support the line of People’s War and New Democratic Revolution.

 In fact, to support the People’s war in India, Philippines and in other countries means to raise the flag of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and to stand firmly on the side of revolution. As ‘The Committee  to support the People’s War in India’ has stressed : The Peoples war in India is our war against imperialism and our best support is to intensify the anti-imperialist struggle on world level.  Yes it is not the question of just Indian Maoist Comrades, it is the question of International Proletarianism.  That’s why, The Next Front call all the revolutionary cadres, intellectuals and cultural activists of Nepal, to come out in the forefront to support the People’s War in India, Philippines and elsewhere.

The Next Front urges our readers to visit the Bulletin to know more about the true revolutionaries–the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists and the follower of New Democratic Revolution, as well as the current situation of the world’s anti-imperialist people’s movement.  We can find the Bulletin in the following link:





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