Successful International Meeting on the 50th Anniversary of the French May-June 68 Held in Paris

The meeting convened by Proletari Comunisti (Italy) and La Cause du people (France) saw the participation of French Maoist comrades, a large delegation of Italian Maoists, with the presence and speeches of comrades from Turkey, Germany, Austria, Norway, Ireland and others.

In the introduction the French comrades pointed out that the meeting was aimed at countering the bourgeois campaign on the French May, assessing the great workers struggle of June 68, taking up the experience of the Maoist movement and particularly that of the Gauche Proletarienne.

After this introduction of the French comrades, the singing of The International opened the series of speeches.

The speech of Italian comrades brought the historical meaning of this meeting, signaling the importance of the revolutionary movement of students and workers in France as a concentration of all the workers ‘and students’ struggles took place in all imperialist countries during the 70s. They emphasized the influence and impact of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the Mao Tsetung’s thought on the world events of those years.

In the light of the GPCR and Mao’s thought, a new generation of Maoist cadres and leaders emerged all over the world, who gave life to the strategic battle against revisionism in the imperialist countries and in many other countries, for the construction of new Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communist parties, the development of People’s War, serving the world proletarian revolution.

In their speech the Italian comrades pointed out both the importance of the revolutionary students movement of May and the developments, the forms of the great struggle of the workers, who questioned the power in the factories, the state power and indicated the necessity of the struggle for the proletarian power. They emphasized the role in these months and years of the French Maoists in uniting the revolutionary students movement with the working class and in pointing out the leading role of the working class as the key for the victory. They outlined the experience of the Gauche Proletarienne a useful contribution, in its positive and negative aspects, to the application of the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the construction of the communist parties in France and in the imperialist countries.

The lessons of May-June in France and other revolutionary upheavals of the 68 are an indispensable heritage, today more than yesterday, to pave the road of Maoism-Party-Revolution.

The French comrades in their speech deepened what was the genesis of May 68 -the workers’ struggles already ongoing, the pro-Vietnam Committees promoted by the Maoists, the clash with revisionism and the development of the action of the Maoist organizations, until the birth of the Gauche Proletarienne- analyzing errors and shortcomings. The comrades recalled and paid homage to the three comrades who symbolize this historical experience, the Maoist student Gilles Tautin, murdered in June 68, the Maoist worker Pierre Overmay, the unforgettable comrade Pierre, founder of the Maoist Communist Party of France.

At the end of this speech the birth of the Jeunesse Communiste Revolutionaire, the new organization of youth in France, was announced.

The Turkish comrades deepened the importance of 68 in the history of the revolutionary movement in Turkey, the great struggle of the students in the 68, the figure and struggle of Ibrahim Kayppakaya and stated that today his legacy is still the fundamental basis for the development of the party and people’s war in Turkey.

Then the speeches of Den Volke Dienen, Germany, and the Austrian comrades followed, who referred to the same events, but wanted explain in this meeting the ideological, political and organizational position of the organizations endorsing the MLM, mainly Maoism, and to the contributions of chairman Gonzalo.

The speeches of the Jugendwind, Germany, and the Norwegian comrades, pointed out the aspects of the history of ’68 necessary for the today struggle in the communist movement and the mass movement.

Finally, the greetings of the Galician comrades and a statement by the Canadian comrades were read.

The whole meeting was greeted several times with slogans hailing Marx, Lenin, Mao, the People’s War, the proletarian internationalism.

During the meeting comrades sing all together “Nouveaux Partisans”, hymn of the Gauche Proletarienne, and the historical songs of the Italian proletariat, ‘Bella ciao’ and ‘Bandiera rossa’; concluding the meeting with The International.

On behalf of the large Italian delegation of workers, women, intellectuals and members of the PCm Italy, the Proletarian Red Relief, the MFPR a new meeting was announced to be held in Italy, on 8-9 December, which will address the specific characteristics of the 68/69 in Italy, the largest of armed struggle experience in an imperialist country, the lessons to be learnt in order to establish today the path of people’s war in the imperialist countries.

All the speeches will be collected and published in different languages, to give the opportunity to all the MLM parties and organizations in the world to study and deepen the contents, to intensify the debate and the necessary struggle for the construction of revolutionary Parties in the current phase.





Report by

proletari comunisti/PCm Italia

June 28, 2018


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