Solidarity with the Pelican Bay Prisoners

(First of all we the revolutionary intellectuals–writers and journalists  of  Nepal,  would like to express  our strong Solidarity with the pelican bay hunger strikes, the strikes against inhumanity and brutal injustices. In support of them we are posting a poem of our great martyr, a great  poet and a political leader–Krishnasen Ichchhuk.

 During the Ten years People’s war, the fascist government lead by Nepali Congress declared  the  period of emergency. During this period a large number of culture activists were shot dead.  At that time  Krishna Sen, the chairman of All Nepal Peoples Cultural Association and editor of  popular daily news paper Janadisha, was captured and  murdered brutally in the police custody. Now we have Krishna sen ‘Ichchhuk Cultural Academy’.

 This is an extract from Krishna sen’s  popular long poem  Chandragiri and Prisoner ( 2000 AC). Chandragiri is a historic hill in the southward of the Kathmandu valley.  He had written this long poem during his long imprisonment.)

Dear Chandragiri!

I tried to live full and true life till I lived

in the dual paths of light and dark

I chose the first

amidst the antagonistic milieu

I adopted truth with full devotion

however, life is not perfect

I may have made mistakes

dear comrades!

for my mistakes, forgive me

after a long dark night

the day of hope of liberation

will come once

as the shining light of dawn

from the seeds of our hope

the new plant will sprout one day

flowers of hope must bloom

till human beings are not human

life is not like life

and till this land is not

transformed into charming village

untill then

our firm journey of devotion shall persist

with an aim of building a collective world

our dream world of hope

will be materialized into a colorful reality

and this era of twenty-first century

shall be the era of our grand liberation

and this new century

shall be the era of our grand victory.









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