‘Smash Murdoch’s Evil Empire’

Photo  : Democracy and Class Struggle

In 1993, I had written an article ‘Globalisation of Information and Cultural Imperialism’. In Nepalese context, it was the first article on this subject matter.  It was in Nepalese language.  After that, I wrote frequently in this theme.  ‘Imperialism, Globalisation and Cultural Resistance ‘ was my latest article in this subject matter. There I have mentioned that, Ruport Murdoc has   expanded his empire in Chaina and South Asian region. Now all these articles are collected in my book Globalisation of Information and Cultural Imperialism. In this theme we have translated many articles from English, mainly the articles of R.W. McChesney, John Bellamy Foster, Paul  M.Sweegy ,Noam Chomsky and James Petras.

Recently the bloody  face of Murdoch has unmasked. We have many articles concerning  to this issue. The websites and blogs are regularly posting the articles on this subject. ‘Sensationalism In America’s Media’ By Stephen Lendman (12 July, 2011Countercurrents) ‘Murdoch Has Blood On His Hands’, By David Swanson (14 July, 2011Countercurrents) ‘Boycott Murdoch Media To Save Planet’, By Dr Gideon Polya (18 July, 2011 Countercurrents)  and ‘Smash Murdoch’s Evil Empire,’ (19 July, 2011 Democracy and class struggle) and others. These days  Stephen Lendman is regularly writing in this topic and he has focused on so many burning issues. He has exposed the truth about the corporate medias–government backed medias.

In fact, it is not only the question of Ruport Murdoc, it is the question of how the media moguls are controlling the medias and  making delusions of  the truth. Medias owned by conglomerates are spreading misinformation through false reports. They are against the people’s voice and people’s movement. They have launched the war against the oppressed people and the nations. This is a global problem and we have to fight against it   jointly and globally.

By Rishi Raj Baral


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