Second issue of ‘People’s Voice’

People's Voice Cover copyThe International Department of CPN-Maoist has published the 2nd issue of People’s Voice, the wave bulletin. It includes ‘editorial’, interview with Comrade Gaurav– Vice-Chairman of the CPN-Maoist, article of Comrade Biplav–secretary of the CPN-Maoist,  article of Comrade Rishi Raj Baral–CC member of CPN-Maoist. It includes also the latest press statement of CPI (Maoist), Leaflet of Committee to support to the people’s war in India, solidarity statement supporting the mass struggle of Turkish People and the news on the activities of revolutionary peasants  and landless people. Here we are posting the ‘Editorial’  of the 2nd issue.Tomorrow on June 27 the PDF format of this issue will be available on


“Election” drama, another conspiracy

Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist including its allies 33 parties, Madhesi Janadhikar Forum including its allies 8 parties and Federal Socialist Party appealed to the government not to announce the date of “election” without arriving at agreement with all parties in a joint press conference on 14 June. Refused to listen the voice of opposition parties Khilraj led non-party puppet government announced the date of “election” of second constituent assembly just after a couple of hours of the press conference.  There is media report that tenure of present Indian Ambassador was going to be terminated, but it is extended till the new date of “election” of constituent assembly, 19 November 2013. These two events took place simultaneously and have a strange coincidence. It is simple for anybody to understand which force is working behind this plan.  

There was a strong protest against the conspiracy, by the 42 parties just the other day of the announcement of the date. There was very successful general strike called by the same alliance of 42 parties on June 16. They have declared that the protest will continue until the announcement of the date is not withdrawn, present puppet non-party government resigns, “25 point order of removing the difficulties” is cancelled and unconstitutional “four party mechanism”, which is popularly known as “four party syndicate” is dissolved.

Election commission has declared the plan of proposed election indicating that the “four party syndicate”, puppet government will not deign. It is obvious that every step they are taking is predetermined. The talk of negotiation is merely a drama. There is no room for real negotiation.

“Election” has emerged as major political issue of the day. Everybody is talking about it. Wide spread debate is going on about “election”. What about the fate of the “election”? Nobody believes that there will be “election” in Nepal in the given situation. How the “election” of constituent assembly can take place when so many political parties, civil society, bar association and masses are clearly expressing their views that they will not participate in the “election” at the given situation?

So, it is evident that the “election” will not be held. But still the puppets are making noise that they will hold the election by hook or by crook. Some puppet elements are calling to use armed force to perform the “election”.

It seems that the reactionaries are going to take anti people measures including use of armed forces. If they make such attempts Nepalese people will retaliate. If the puppet forces do not rethink about their plan, it is sure to invite confrontation. People will be ready to give fitting reply.  



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