Remembering Comrade Mao

Nothing is hard in this world
If you dare to scale the heights.

(26th December is near to come. We know, 26th December is the birth day of our  great Proletarian Leader Comrade Mao.  It is the day of a great significance. With a   lofty   enthusiasm  and inspiration the oppressed people of all over the world are remembering  Comrade Mao. The imperialists forces and their lackeys are trying to destroy the revolutionary image of Comrade Mao. But Comrade Mao always remains in the bottom of our hearts. In Nepalese context, we Maoists are fighting against the reactionaries inside the country and abroad. Not only this, we are fighting against the revisionists and liquidators within the UCPN(Maoist). Here we are posting three poems by Comrade Mao. These are the poems of great artistic and ideological value.)———————————————————————————————————————————


a lu shih

October 1935

The Red Army fears not the trials of the March,
Holding light ten thousand crags and torrents.
The Five Ridges wind like gentle ripples
And the majestic Wumeng roll by, globules of clay.
Warm the steep cliffs lapped by the waters of Golden Sand,
Cold the iron chains spanning the Tatu River.
Minshan’s thousand li of snow joyously crossed,
The three Armies march on, each face glowing.



to the tune of Man Chiang Hung

January 9, 1963

On this tiny globe
A few flies dash themselves against the wall,
Humming without cease,
Sometimes shrilling,
Sometimes moaning.
Ants on the locust tree assume a great-nation swagger
And mayflies lightly plot to topple the giant tree.
The west wind scatters leaves over Changan,
And the arrows are flying, twanging.
So many deeds cry out to be done,
And always urgently;
The world rolls on,
Time presses.
Ten thousand years are too long,
Seize the day, seize the hour!
The Four Seas are rising, clouds and waters raging,
The Five Continents are rocking, wind and thunder roaring.
Our force is irresistible,
Away with all pests!


to the tune of Man Chiang Hung

When the seas are in turmoil
Heroes are on their mettle.
Six hundred million people,
Strong in unity,
Firm in principle,
Can shore up the falling heavens
And create order out of the reign of chaos.
The world hears the cock crowing
And day breaks in the east.
The sun rises,
The icebergs melt.
Gold is not pinchbeck
And can stand the proof of flames.
Four great volumes
Show us the way.
How absurd for Chieh’s dog to bark at Yao;
The clay oxen plunge into the sea and vanish.
The red flag of revolution is unfurling in the east wind,
The universe is glowing red.



to the tune of Shui Tiao Keh Tou

May 1965

I have long aspired to reach for the clouds
And I again ascend Chingkangshan.
Coming from afar to view our old haunt, I find new scenes replacing the old.
Everywhere orioles sing, swallows dart,
Streams babble
And the road mounts skyward.
Once Huangyangchieh is passed
No other perilous place calls for a glance.
Wind and thunder are stirring,
Flags and banners are flying
Wherever men live.
Thirty-eight years are fled
With a mere snap of the fingers.
We can clasp the moon in the Ninth Heaven
And seize turtles deep down in the Five Seas:
We’ll return amid triumphant song and laughter.
Nothing is hard in this world
If you dare to scale the heights.



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