Red Salute to the Comrade Suzan Zengin

From :  Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle

Turkey : Revolutionary Journalist, Comrade Sujan Zengin has Passed away

by : reed

[Suzan Zengin, a political prisoner, suffered from the inhuman prison conditions in Turkey.  After being released from prison, her health deteriorated and led to her early demise.  A revolutionary journalist, activist, and internationalist, we salute her contributions she has made to the struggle under difficult conditions. — Frontlines ed.]

Suzan Zengin

17 October 2011

ISTANBUL | 17 – 10 – 2011 | We are very sad to inform the international progressive public that our comrade Suzan Zengin has passed away on October 12th 2011 due to an heart damage. She had been on the emergency room since 17 days. Reason for her intense illness was the inhuman prison conditions that exist in Turkey’s prisons.

On October 2008 in the early morning hours Suzan Zengin’s house was raided by special police forces and she was arrested and later on imprisoned. For more than half and a year Suzan was held at the Bakirkoy women’s’ prison in Istanbul without any reason. During her imprisonment she suffered from chronic illness and was not allowed to receive any treatment or the needed medicine. Just like many other democratic-progressive political prisoner Suzan was eye to eye with death behind the dark prison walls every day.

Comrade Suzan, was with her revolutionary-socialist identity always shoulder to shoulder with the workers and the toiling masses, took side with them during mobilizations and resistances. With her photo camera and her pens she was a inseparable part of  the workers and the toiling masses districts she wrote about their anger, their aspirations and hopes; she was the voice of those who organized the many occupations and strikes for a better live and free future.

She also was a great internationalist who participated in many international events and she translated a series of books and documents into Turkish in order to inform the people in Turkey about the national and social liberation struggles all over the World.

With her 52 years she many times faced oppression and inequality but also struggled against it  She was arrested and tortured many times but she never bowed down to the suppressive system. She believed in the struggle for a free future and she knew that this can only happen if there is a organized struggle.

Comrade Suzan will always live in our hearts as we are continuing the struggle!

On Friday October 14th 2011 at 12:00 o’clock her funeral will be held in Tuzla behind the leather trade union Office.



AHM-ATİK News Center

Suzan Zengin was bid farewell to immortality on the shoulders of her woman comrades in struggle!

16 October 2011

TURKEY | 16 – 10 – 2011 | As a result of a conspiracy filed against the journalist Suzan Zengin she was imprisoned in 2009 and send to the Bakirkoy woman’s Prison in Istanbul. She was working for the progressive-revolutionary paper Ozgur Gelecek (Free Future).  After she was released from prison she had to undergo heart surgery, but she did not recover and died on October 12th 2011. On October 14th 2011, Suzan Zengin was bid farewell by her comrades, friends and her family.The funeral ceremony took place at the Cemevi (Place of the Alevits to pray and gather) in Tuzla Aydinli. Many press institutions and individuals joined the ceremony. Also a representative of ATIK, CHD (Contemporary Laywer’s Association), Ozgur Gelecek (the paper she worked for), DDSB (Revolutionary Democrat Trade Union), BDSP, Partizan, IHD (the human rights association), Yeni Demokrat Kadin (New Democrat Woman Organisation), DHF, TGDP, ESP and many other representatives of political parties and democratic mass organisations. Her woman comrades carried her coffin, they were marching next to the masses who were chanting slogans and who carried posters and banners. Banners with writing ”The Martyr’s of the Revolution are Immortal- Suzan Zengin is Alive!“ was signed by the Magazine Partizan and another banner said, ”Isolation-treatment policies continue to kill“. In front of the banners there were wreaths from ATIK, Partizan and Ozgur Gelecek.

During the march slogans like “Human Honour will defeat Torture!”, “ The Socialist Press cannot be Silenced!”, “Long Live Revolutionary Solidarity!”, “No to Isolation-Isolation Kills!” were chanted.  Posters of communist leader Ibrahim Kaypakkaya were seen too.

A representative of Partizan said: “Comrade Suzan was always shoulder on shoulder with her press identity, her photo camera, and her pen, siding with the striking and resisting workers and toiling masses. She wrote about their hopes and aspirations, she became the voice of those that struggle and demand a better tomorrow. Of course this situation was also ’noticed‘ by the state. On August 28th 2009 in the early morning hours the police special-team forces raided her house and took her under arrest in front of her sons eyes. During her imprisonment she was not allowed to get a regular check up from a doctor. After she was released she started to get heart pains, which she didn’t before entering prison. Suzan we will never forget you and will not let you be forgotten, we pledge.” Also it was said that the “real murder of Suzan was the state which did not provide the needed health care for her.“

Also the husband of Suzan Bekir Zengin said that Suzan was arrested as a result of conspiracy and he said, ”when my wife was imprisoned she had some health problems but not that big as it became during her imprisonment and the state did not allow her to get the needed treatment. Her health conditions got worse. When she came out from prison it was already too late. My wife was besides being a journalist a great human rights activist. Whatever there was in life she became concerned with it, she had morality and ideals, we lost her too early.“

Musician Pınar Sağ also said that ”revolutionaries have the very superior tradition of which it is said‚ when a life has been taken, no secrets are given—not a word.The struggle and resistance given by Suzan will be carried by the next generation under the name of a better tomorrow of a free future“.

After the ceremony she was brought to the cemetery of Aydinli.


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