Prachand’s refresh trip ! For what ?

These days, Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’  is enjoying along with his family members in a resort, located 60 Kilometers east of capital Kathmandu. Yesterday Prachand suddenly disappeared from Kathmandu . But this time, Siligudi India was not his destination, his destination was Sukute resort,  a resort known as most expensive resort, not  easy access for the common people. The visit is termed as a ‘refresh trip’ to Chairman Dahal.  What a matter of irony! When a huge number of the cadres are facing financial problems, problem of living from hand to mouth, and when a huge number of cadres have no any facility of medical treatment, not even a single Paracetamol and Prachanda’a leader of working class’ is enjoying in  a most expensive resort.

 That was a great history of Nepalese People. Oh! we fought ten years People’s War with Pen and Gun. And  we have the history of more than  thirteen  thousand martyrs.

On 30 September 2011 Central Committee meeting of UCPN (Maoist)  has  been scheduled.



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  1. Kumaraaditya says:

    Prachanda a new feudal of Nepalese politics, successor of King Jyanendra Shaha.Prachanda a name to be hatred, a true reneged of 21st Century.

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