Prachanda’s Appeal for Indian Intervention

Debates and discussions are going on regarding the  issue of 12 point deal and  the decisions done by Chunwang meeting. But in a program organized by a organization, close to Indian embassy Pushpa Kamal Daha’Prachanda’ appealed for another 12pt deal with India. It means a appeal for direct intervention from Indian expansionism. What a shame!

 “We acknowledge India’s support in the signing of 12 Points agreement. I urge India to play positive role once again for smooth progress of peace and constitutional process,” said Dahal. “Had relations between Nepali political parties and India not been cordial, the 12 point agreement was not possible. The 12 Point agreement was reached with India’s benevolent support to declare Nepal a federal democratic republic”, he said and added, “The role India played then to forge unity between parties, in the changed political context I want India to play similar role.”

Really, it pinches each and every Nepali hearts.

No matter Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai, true traitors of Indian expansionism, are leading the country  towards the  Sikkimisation.


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