Prachand the Renegade

Prachand, the traitor has sent a condolence prachand manmessage to  the Indian reactionaries.

Concerning  the May 25 daring action of Chhatisgarh,  by PLGA of CPI-Maoist, the oppressed people of around the world and the revolutionary parties and organizations sent their greetings  and solidarity messages to the oppressed people of India  and CPI-Maoist. Comrade  Gudsa Usendi made it clear that it was the revenge against the fascist elements, who were responsible  for killings of thousands  innocent people. As he has mentioned in his statement : With this action we have taken revenge of over a thousand adivasis who were brutally murdered in the hands of Salwa Judum goons and government armed forces. We also have taken revenge on behalf of those hundreds of mothers and sisters who were subjected to cruelest forms of violence, humiliation and sexual assault.

But the  reactionary elements, particularly neo-reactionary element like Prachand  the chairman of UCPN (Maoist) sent  the condolence message to Sonia Gandhi, that  this incident has deeply shocked and saddened him.  After all  the party lead by Prachand-Baburam has come out in its real face. They have made clear their side. We have already declared that Prachand-Baburam have betrayed the Nepalese  revolution, they are the real followers of Indian expansionism. Now it has come true in practice.  Prachand has decleard to join his hands with Indian reactionaries  against CPI-Maoist and  the oppressed people of India .Here is the full text of the message sent by Prachand.

 Mrs Sonia Gandhi

President Indian National Congress

New Delhi, India

Re: Message of Condolence

Madam Gandhi,

I and our party UCPN-Maoist are deeply shocked and saddened by the demise of leaders and workers of your party-the Indian National Congress- in the recent attack in Chattisgarh of India unleashed by Indian Maoists,

The incident of violent attack has drawn the attention of our party. expressing serious concern on this incident joins with you which 27 people including leaders and workers of the Indian National Congress were killed and 32 others including Congress central leader VC Shukla were injured. We believe that any kind of solution can and should be sought and found in a peaceful manner, which is the beauty of democracy. I, personally, and on behalf my party, express deepest condolence to the families of those killed and wish for the speedy recovery of those injured in the incident.

I am optimistic that your party will soon recover from this moment of utmost sorrow and would rededicate itself to the welfare of the people of India.

With warmest regards


chairman, UCPN(Maoist)

Kathamandu Nepal

May 28, 2013

Prachand’s Letter to Sonia


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  1. sheela says:

    6yaa kati kurup…..bistaarbaad ko naango dalali hwaaasai ganayo…!!!

    So ugly, shame on you Mr Prachand, the naked fact of imperialist-slavery is exposed….!

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