Party Reunification: A Designed Rumor

Baral NPRishi Raj Baral

Recently, particularly after the formation of Khil Raj Regmi government, the Prachand-Baburam neo-revisionist clique named as UCPN-Maoist is spreading  the rumor of party unification and  the ‘big print medias’ along with the medias close to Prachand-Bauram are frequently circulating the news about the reunification between CPN-Maoist and UCPM (Maoist). It was/is natural to become this  issue an issue of  hot debate.  It produced a lot of  curiosity and confusion within the party cadres and outside also. The velocity of rumor was so high that Party Chairman Comrade Kiran released a press statement clarifying the situation, projected by the evil elements.

The question of party unification is a natural  and  relentless process. There always remains the possibility of unification with those party  and organizations, which are  close in ideology  and politics.  To wage the high level of class struggle it needs a revolutionary party, people’s army,   a strong united front and unity with  the justice loving people. This is the basic  guideline of Marxism.

Party unification is a charming and pleasant feeling word. But it is not the question of personal interest, it does not depend upon one’s want and wish. The ideological and political question play the vital role in this regard. There is no any confusion to initiate the process of unification with the true followers of  Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. It is known to all that without the arm struggle, particularly without following the Protracted People’s War, we can’t achieve  the goal of  the New Democratic Revolution. This is the fundamental  question concerning the party unification. And it is also  true that at present, most of the party cadres and leaders of CPN-Maoist want a strong united front, rather than the party unification.

 Regarding this issue, a committee has been formed in the leadership of Comrade Gaurav. Talk has been done  with Matrika Yadav and Mani Thapa groups and the  NCP( Unified)  led by Pari Thapa . But there are some vital ideological issues to be solved. Without solving the ideological issues we cannot move forward. This is the spirit of the 7th National Congress and  the lesson given by  our party history. So far it is concerned  about the unification with UCPN (Maoist), it has not become the issue of  main concern in our party. In fact, this issue has not got any space and time within CPN-Maoist.

But there is another side also. Regarding the issue of reunification  with UCPN(Maoist) some medias have circulated the news and views   referring the authentic and  reliable source.  They have mentioned time and date  and the name of the leaders involved in the ‘unification process’.  In the 7th National Congress most of the  party delegates raised the question regarding the class character of Prachand-Baburam clique. They were not satisfied with the Party document  that mentioned UCPN (Maoist) as a neo-revisionist party. The major voice of the delegates was that the UCPN (Maoist) should be pronounced as the neo-reactionary party. In fact, in which direction the UCPN (Maoist) was/is running, there should not be any confusion  and hesitation to pronounce it as a neo-reactionary party.

After the  Hetaunda National Congress, UCPN (Maoist) came in its real position.  Everything came into light, there was nothing to conceal. Regarding the issue of border ‘dispute’, in fact it is not the dispute, but occupying the Nepalese land by Indian expansionism, Prachanda in his document, announced–“final shape through referendum.” We all know, India is presently occupying 60 thousand hectares of Nepali landmass at 71 different locations along the border. Likewise, after  Hetauda Congress  UCPN (Maoist) formally converted itself into a parliamentary party, abandoning the line of state capture by armed force. UCPN (Maoist) abandoned the significance of New Democratic Revolution and advocated the  role of ‘peaceful election’ and multiparty system–a bourgeois system.

Day by day Indian hegemony  is increasing in each and every aspect of Nepalese society.  Since 1990  more than 4.5 Million Nepali citizenship certificates have been distributed to the Indian nationals, by the puppet  governments of Nepal. In such a critical situation no one can imagine the process of  referendum to solve the border ‘dispute’ ! But it has been done by  Pushspa Kamal Dahal, Chairman of UCPN (Maoist). What a matter of irony!  Not only this, a recently written condolence letter to  Sonia Gandhi, regarding the May 25 daring  attack by PLGA of CPI (Maoist)  in Chhatisgarh India, Prachanda, has proved himself  as  a real traitor and the enemy of the oppressed people of the world. In such situation, how can a revolutionary party like CPN-Maoist, takes the initiation for the reunification with the party lead by Prachanda! To think about the  reunification with UCPN(Maoist) means to betray the Nepalese revolution and  to cheat the oppressed  people of Nepal.


At present, our party is moving ahead along with other  33 parties against the Regmi government-backed by the American imperialism and the Indian expansionism. The main concern of CPN-Maoist is  how to sharpen the struggle against the reactionary forces inside the country and abroad. We are aware of that the neo-reactionary clique  want to play the  dirty games within CPN-Maoist. The  reactionaries forces inside the country and abroad want to ruin our party and  the neo- reactionary clique is assisting them as the tool.  In such situation, there is no time and space to talk with the neo-reactionaries, regarding the party reunification.

Prachanda is a man of corrupted mind. He has gun far away from the   lively support of the oppressed people.  Only a few  corrupted persons have accompanied with him. A  huge number of Nepalese people always discard him as a  conspirator and a traitor. In fact, these days, Prachanda is facing numerous problems inside the party and outside, and to get rid from it, he is crying for the reunification   between UCPN (Maoist) and CPN-Maoist.

In our 7th National Congress one of the main issue of debate and discussion was the evaluation of the party history. We critically and analytically  reviewed   the party history and came into conclusion   that there existed some serious  mistake and  shortcomings in the process of party unification, particularly unification with the  Unity Center (Mashal), led by Narayan Kaji Shrestha–the most opportunist man. In the current juncture, we must be careful about the hidden agendas launched   by our enemies. We are not in the position to   slay the dream of our great martyrs. We are not in the position to play the suicidal games.

Recently, Comrade Kiran has released a press statement clarifying   the   issue of reunification with UCPN (Maoist):  

A serious attention has been drawn towards the media reports referring to the reunification  between  our party CPN-Maoist and  the UCPN (Maoist), are totally false and fabricated. It is known to all that ideologically, politically  and in party line, program,  behavior and in policy these two parties are running in exactly opposite directions, with their own separate political lines. It is clear that the Prachanda-Baburam faction has committed serious treachery against their own country and betrayed the people and they have already surrendered themselves to the imperialists and Indian expansionists. In this situation, there is no question thus to unite with the compradors  and the traitors. We want to make public the fact that we have never talked with the UCPN (Maoist) about party unity and we have not taken any decision regarding that.

It is not just the hasty answer to those, who are circulating fabricated news and making rumors, it is also the guideline to all party cadres and leaders. It must be grasped with high  revolutionary enthusiasm.


 In conclusion, I would like to stress that we must grasp the spirit of  our 7th National Congress. It is the need of the time to move forward  in the direction of the  New  Democratic Revolution. Revolutionaries should  not  spoil  their time in such worthless activities.  Running  hither and thither  and doing  worthless gossip is just to destroy ourselves.

June27, 2013





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