People are ready to resist Duterte’s plot to establish a dictatorship: CPP

GRP strongman Rodrigo Duterte’s incessantly threatens to establish a dictatorship. The other day, he declared he will set up a “revolutionary government until the end of my term” in order to quell all dissent and arrogate the power to remove everyone in government and appoint only those people who will will not criticize his rule. What Duterte essentially wants is to seat himself as a dictator with absolute powers unconstrained by the GRP constitution or any other law.

Looking back at 50 years of a people’s movement

A major achievement of the Naxalbari movement was giving Dalits, adivasis a sense of self-respect, says Telugu writer Vara Vara Rao. The Naxalbari movement began 50 years ago, and is still on. ʹNowhere else in the world will you find a continued class struggle that has lasted so many years,ʹ said Vara Vara Rao, the famous Telugu poet and writer, speaking on ʹ50 Years of Naxalbari, Looking Back, Looking Forwardʹ.

New issue of ‘People’s War’ by CPI (Maoist)

‘People’s War’ is the  theoretical organ of the Communist party of India, Central Committee. Now we have its new issue, March 2017. It is publicly available also in the internet. It is a special issue on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the initiation of The Great Culture Revolution in China. Every document has its own significance, but  the documents ‘ The Importance of GPCR, Successes-Lessons’, by CC, CPI(Maoist), February 2017′ ‘CPC Circular on GPCR, 16 May 19662, ‘The Great Cultural Revolution will Shine Forever’ Editorial Departments of Renmin Ribao, Peking Review, are the articles of great significance.

Maoist Communist Party of Galicia on the situation in Catalonia

To the Galician working people:

The sovereign decision of the majority of the Parliament of Catalonia to convene a referendum on self-determination for next October 1, was answered with repression by the State of the Spanish oligarchy.  The de facto annulment of Catalonia’s self-governance status, with the intervention of the administrations and the arrest of political leaders, is the first step towards widespread repression in both rebel Catalonia and other peoples of the Spanish State.

Imperialist Agenda of the US Must be Thrashed by DPRK-Syria-Iran

Donald Trump’s threat to destroy North Korea (DPRK) during his debut speech in the UN, makes a strong case for the Worker’s Party government in Pyongyang to step up national defense and build up a strong frontier against the notorious axis formed by the Donald Trump-led fascist US government, Japan, US-occupied South Korea (southern Korean peninsula) and other regional lackeys.

Opportunism vs Maoism: St. Louis Revolutionary Collective as a Lesson for the US Maoist Movement

(The following is a joint statement from Kansas City Revolutionary Collective (KCRC), Red Guards Los Angeles (RGLA), Tampa Maoist Collective (TMC), Queen City Maoist Collective (QCMC), Red Guards Austin (RGA), and Revolutionary Association of Houston (RAH). This statement details the ongoing struggle to seek revolutionary principles and practice from Saint Louis Revolutionary Collective (STLRC).

Biplab Group: A Brief Study by Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’

(This is the article published in ‘Maowadi’ (Maoist), the official organ of the Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist). First, it was published in Nepali vernacular and Comrade Indra Mohan Sigdel ‘Basanta’, Secretariat Member of the CC, CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) has translated it in English. It highlights the ideological and political aspect of Nepal Communist Party, led by Netra Bikram Chanda, which is known as ‘Biplab Group’. It will be beneficial for those who wants to know the actual position of Bivlav Group. We agree with this assessment— ”right deviation manifested in left form”, done by CPN (Revolutionary Maoist).

Report from The International Committee in Support of People’s War in India

The International Committee in Support of People’s War in India held a Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Naxalbari uprising, with the participation of comrades from different countries in Europe and Tunisia, and messages and support from Canada and US.

Free Comrade Gonzalo immediately

Comrade Gonzalo, 25 years in prison

Since 25 years, Comrade Gonzalo, the Chairman of the Communist Party of Peru, ‘Shining Path’, is in prison. He was arrested in 12 September, 1992, in Lima by the fascist Fujimoro regime, the American watchdog, and was imprisoned for lifelong. Since then, the oppressed people of the world are raising the voice and lunching various programs for his release. We firmly stand on the side of Comrade Gonzalo and express our strong solidarity with the programs launching for the release of Comrade Gonzalo. We always appreciate the immortal contribution by Comrade Gonzalo, the summation of Mao Zedong’s contribution as Maoism.  Here we are posting the historical document by Comrade Gonzalo.

Revolutionary Writers Association invites to attend the Seminar

All India Seminar on The Impact of Naxalbari on Indian Society

Revolution blossomed like spring and armed struggle began like the spring thunder. It is indeed amazing to this generation to imagine that spring thunder after fifty years. How poetic was the entry of Naxalbari like a spring into the history of people? The then Communist Party of China described it as the spring thunder on the horizon of Indian revolution. People all over thought it was the onset of spring when some adivasis in the hills in a remotest corner of the country rebelled and raised arms. Naxalbari came not only as a sternly armed and concrete practice from the layers of the mother earth, but also as a greatest emotive power. Thatʹs why it brought spring not only to forests, but also to imaginations, dreams, passions, intellect and creativity.