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Storming The Gates Of Heaven

The Maoist movement in India is one of the longest surviving communist revolutionary movements in the history of the world. Born in 1967, has been able to withstand state brutality for so long and rose like a phoenix from the ashes time and again implies the existence of some deep-rooted socio-economic needs that the existing system has failed to satisfy. Today, every protest is identified with ‘Maoism’, every dissident voice is being branded by the powers-that-be and sections of the corporate media as ‘Maoist’. ‘Maoism’ in India has, for good or bad, been identified with the fight for dignity, justice and human values.

Talks with Comrade Malina by ‘Outlook’

Deep inside the forests of Bastar, reticent Maoist commander Hidma chose to send one of his deputies to speak with Outlook. Claiming to be a Gond, Malina, who is a functionary of the Jagargonda Area Committee, appeared with three armed guards while the dreaded Battalion One lurked nearby. She spoke to Ushinor Majumdar. Excerpts:

80 ‘political prisoners’ on hunger strike over ‘torture’ of jailed Maoist

Source: Avaninews

Around 80 political prisoners in four jails — three of which are in Kolkata — went on a 24-hour hunger strike Saturday morning to protest against the ʹtortureʹ inflicted on former Maoist Kalpana Maity, who is currently in Alipore Womenʹs Jail. The strike at Presidency Jail, Dum Dum Jail, Jalpaiguri Jail and Alipore Womenʹs Jail began at 6 am and end at the same time Sunday.

Bhoomaiah, Kishta Goud, Bhabani Da and Sumanta – Down Memory Lane

by : Varavara Rao

Sumanta Banerjeeʹs article ʹRemembering my old Comradesʹ (on the eve of ʹNaxalbari 50ʹ) took me also, to down memory lane. It connects me to my acquaintances with Com. Bhommaiah, Kishta Goud, Bhabani Da and of course Com. Sumanta himself.

Naxalbari: The Spring Thunder That Refused to Cease

Editorial : People’s Review

The spring thunder over India blazed for the first time in May 1967, 50 years ago, in a small hamlet of Darjeeling district of West Bengal called Naxalbari. Since then, despite several ups and downs and severe setbacks, the spark that was to ignite a prairie fire kept troubling the ruling classes of the country severely and made drastic changes in the way politics is done in India. Naxalbari was the harbinger of several changes, good changes indeed, in the lives of the poor and the downtrodden people.

Saibabaʹs health worsening – Delegation seeks NHRC intervention

A delegation headed by Delhi University professor G N Saibabaʹs wife, Vasantha Kumari, on Thursday sought the intervention of the National Human Rights Commission to ensure proper medical care for the jailed academic. The condition of Saibaba, currently lodged in the Anda Cell of the Nagpur Central Jail, was ʹdeteriorating day by dayʹ, the delegation told the NHRC. He was unable to urinate and his stomach pain had increased, Kumari said in a letter submitted to the NHRC at New Delhi.

Naxalbari: a historical turning point: Joby

Almost half a century has stopped since the Naxalite Agrarian Revolution which erupted in the Indian horizon like a thunder. This Great revolution which illuminated the age long of revolution of unleashed a new inspiration in every sphere of Indian society.

‘Communist’: A New Magazine by CPI (Maoist)

The Communist Party of India (Maoist), Western Ghats Special Zonal Committe has published a magazine named ”Communist”. In its first issue of May 2017, it includes ‘Editorial’, Naxalbari : a historical turning point’, Crisis of Imperialism, fascism and our tasks’, ‘The valiant People’s liberation guerrilla  army (PLGA) and its historical significance in  Indian revolution, ‘Political situation and our tasks’, Call to the people’. These are the articles of great significance. We will translate these articles to publish in our Nepalese website janamel.com.  Here we publish the chapter ‘Editorial’. 

Gwadloup: 50th Anniversary of the Massacre of Mé 1967!

source : rtedspark

Fifty years ago, on the 26 and 27 May 1967, the French government repressed in cold blood a demonstration by construction workers in Guadeloupe. Construction workers demanded a 2% wage increase and organized a rally in front of the Pointe-à-Pitre Chamber of Commerce. The CRS and then the gendarmes (the “red kepis”) opened fire on the demonstrators and chased them all night, checking one by one all the streets of the city.

Bangladesh: 50th Anniversary of Naxalbari celebrated in Dhaka

source: redspark

Procession and discussion meeting held at 50th anniversary of Naxalbari was held in Dhaka on 25th May.

At around 3:30 pm a procession started from the Press Club to Progoti conference room, Mukti Bhawan, 2 Purana Paltan in Dhaka. The meeting and Discussion was led by Jafar Hossain, assisted by Atif Anik started at 4.15 pm.