No Surrender of PLA: Rishi Raj Baral

Rcently,  in the meeting of standing committee,  senior vice chairman  of UNCP , Comrade Mohan Baidhya  ‘Kiran’ registered another note of dissent regarding the issue of PLA integration. Dahal denied the latest Central committee decision and passed his document by majority–with the support of  Baburam Bhattarai. It raised a lot of questions and worried all the revolutionaries.  It was infact , a surrender of the PLA. The decision done about PLA was not a minor issue, it was a vital one and an issue which will have a long term effect.

I think it is necessary to take PLA out of the cantonment.  We should know  that there is also a class division within the PLA.  The high rank commanders, specially who support Prachanda’s line are enjoying luxurious life. They have each and every thing to consume. There has been  a vast change in their life style and daily life.  Their dreams are different from the PLA of lower ranks. They don’t think about revolution and  they don’t have the dreams of revolution. Rather , they are threatening the lower PLA cadres, in the name of discipline and chain of command. Lower cadres are prohibited by minimum requirements and are disallowed to study revolutionary materials. They are prevented to take part in meetings and ideological debates and discussions. They are forbidden to study books of war memoirs, to listen to revolutionary songs and to go through the literature related to ten years people’s war.

It is true that the recently passed document  of Prachand is  an ideological continuation of Chungwang meeting: preparation for  deviation and betrayal of the revolution. When Comrade Kiran and Gaurav were imprisoned in Indian jail, Prachand abandoned the People ‘s War. In fact detainment of Kiran and Gaurav was part of the grand design to make the party organisation  and revolutionary line weak and  to make revisionists strong and in majority. And no doubt, it was done with the support of revisionists and Pro Indians, who have disguised themselves in one or the other name and faction within the party. The  main objective of this design was to turn the revolutionary party into a revisionist party. It was a long term plan and policy to destroy the party’s revolutionary line and spirit. The people’s court and the base areas and local people’s governments all were dissolved in the name of peace process. Only  the PLA remained to be dissolved.  Now they are going  to complete the remaining task , disarming and surrendering the PLA in the name of integration.


No surrender of PLA, was the conviction and dedication of the party. And it is  natural to be  one of the  main issues of two line struggle. It is a political crime to humiliate the PLA, who faught bravely against the reactionary forces and never were defeated.


In reality the lower rank of PLA cadres want revolution. They want continuation of revolution and people’s revolt. They want to go ahead.  Too much staying in the cantonment means to ruin oneself.  Therefore they want to come out  and participate in the class struggle. They don’t want to surrender in the name of integration. The major issue is:  PLA  must not be humiliated. It is the matter of dignity, value and class outlook. If the party leadership does this type of  humiliating decision, they will not accept this. No liquidation but revolution: they are free to  choose the path to revolution and revolt.


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  1. J B Oli says:

    Finally, there is an alternative emerging as the Next Front. Otherwise, the blood which was poured by our brothers and sisters was gong to be wasted by these two gentleman (who should not be addressed as Comrades anymore) Bhattarai and Prachanda. Now they are wolves in sheep’s cloth. In fact, it should be brought to the people’s notice that they were Indian guests during the 10 years of war in which only poor, and lower class cadres had to die.

  2. Benwani says:

    Indeed, it’s very timely and neccessary for the emergence of an alternative voice such as the Next Front to launch open line struggle against revisionists in the Maoist party who have been working hand in gloves with the imperialist rulers and their local and regional comprador-landlord ruling puppet regimes to roll back the victories of the people’s war in Nepal.

    Mao fought tooth and nail against the revisionist line of central party leaders of his time to forge a genuine people’s army after the historic Autumn Harvest Uprising in 1927. During the people’s war of national resistance against Japanese imperialism from July 1937 to August 1945, he fought against the capitulationistic Wang Ming line all the way to ensure that the people’s army remains solidly under the command and control of the revolutionary vanguard party not the reactionary Guomindang ruling party. With the overwhelming support of the revolutionary masses, the revolutionary vanguard party led the PLA to seize nation-wide power in October 1949 after defeating the U.S.-backed Guomindang army in the final civil war lasting no more than four years.

    Salutations to the Maoist revolutionaries and the revolutionary masses of Nepal.

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