March Pass by People’s Volunteers

jhapa photo  On August 27 more than 2000 youths of  National  Youth People’s Volunter (NYPV)of CPN-Maoist wearing the Red T-shirt,  march passed the Birtamod town. They had taken  long  bamboo  lathis in their hands and chanted  the election boycott slogans. It was a historical march pass by the revolutionary youth volunteers. In fact, it was  the new  beginning of   election boycott campaign– a campaign  of public awareness and revolutionary spirit.

The March Pass by Youth Volunteers, which took place in Birtamod, Jhapa district, has a great political significance. Jhapa district has a glorious history of people’s movement. Jhapa is the easternmost district of Nepal and lies in Tarai region. And we all know the Naxalbari village,  the land of the historical Naxalbari Peasent’s Movent,  the land of Com, Charu is very  near  from Jhapa.  The river Mechi  is the border between Nepal and India . Naxalbari and Jhapa are two areas across the river Mechi in the Indo-Nepalese border. Crossing the Nepalese border the Mechi river,  there we have the historical Naxalbari village.

The Central Committee meeting of  CPN-Maoist has already passed the resolution  to boycott the 2nd CA election, projected by the reactionary forces like Indian expansionism and  American imperialism. Only the pro-Indian and other reactionary parties  are active in this election. The spirit of CC meeting   is to  boycott  this election actively and vigorously. In a pamphlet published after the CC meeting, CPN-Maoist  has appealed :

Carry forward the boycott movement actively and vigorously with huge participation of the masses!

Write constitution of Peoples’ Federal Republic through new mass movement!

 No  doubt, the reactionary government will come out with all its strength to make sure this election. And we all know there will be the vital role of the  revolutionary youth volunteers to counter the  step taken by the reactionary government and its allies force.  Comrade Biplav, secratary of the CPN-Maoist is the party in charge of the  National  Youth People’s Volunter (NYPV). The  third division vice- commander Comrade ”Deepak” is  leading the  Youth People’s Volunteers centrally and most of the field commanders of boycotting campaign are the former PLA commanders.

After the March Pass of the  People’s Volunteers, Comrade Biplav, known as the young and energetic leader of the CPN-Maoist, addressed the mass meeting. While addressing the mass meeting he called to intensify the boycottingcampaign. He warned the reactionary foverment not to underestimate the power of the CPN-Maoist. He further  stressed  : ”The election without consensus will not be  the election itself, it will be turned into a declaration of the war. If they  come forcefully  to suppress our boycott campaign, we will do it  tit for tat. We are ready to face the each and every step taken by the government.  We know how to tackle the situation, how to face the situation.”

Comrade Samar and comrade Kushal Limbu, Central Committee member of the CPN-Maoist also were present at that moment. The March Pass  has created a lot of enthusiasm among the revolutionary cadres and oppressed people of   Mechi-to Mahakali.  Not only this, the March Pass program has made restless to the reactionary camp.

 The National  Youth People’s Volunteers means the organization of revolutionary youths,  who are ready to face each and every challenge loaded by the reactionary forces.  It is our best greeting to our revolutionary youths . As Comrade Mao tse-Tung has said : The world is yours, as well as ours, but in the last analysis, it is yours. You young people, full of vigor and vitality, are in the bloom of life, like the sun at eight or nine in the morning. Our hope is placed on you.

Yes our hope is placed on you.

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5 Responses to “March Pass by People’s Volunteers”

  1. kumarsharma says:

    Thanks for posting the good news.some of the leaders of CPN-Maoist are crying for RT and election. They have decided to summit the request letter to the President and some of the leaders of CPN-Maoist are leading the youth volunteers to byocot the incoming election. What a fun ! But it happens in open politics. Birds of the same feather flock together.

  2. khem thapaliya says:


  3. Sanchchai desh aaja lagbhag yuddhakai sangharma chha aaphulai hatti party bhanauda harule aaphu ra aaphna bideshi malik haruko swartha tyagi desh ra janatako lagi thorai pani bibek puryayanan bhane pheri euta bhayankar sthiti utpanna hundaichha. Thaha chhaina kohi kasailai tyo andhi bhumarile sabailai kahan kahan puryauchha bhanera. Je bhaya pani jit chanhi sattekai hunccha. Tyasaile ta bhanchhan “Truth triumph in the long run”

  4. Sheela says:

    ‘…..some of the leaders of CPN-Maoist are crying for RT and election……’ …..’ Birds of the same feather flock together’. It is a sad reality of Nepali communist.

    We need to be focused for revolution not to the RT and ‘sikkime’ election. Let the Lendupe’s engaged in such anti-national election and all the rest of the revolutionaries be engaged against it, people will win..!!

  5. Divash Sharma says:

    Personally, I felt overwhelmed by the “March Pass ” of the youths in red in Birtamod, the birth place of the Great Jhapa peasant’s rebellion. I felt moved and thrilled.

    The third phase of the armed class struggle has already been over. The first phase of 1955, Bara Rautahat armed rebellion died in its infancy. The second phase that started in Jhapa in 1971 had met road blocks in 1981 and got disintegrated. The third phase which was initiated in 1996 was the “people’s war”. It was the most influential class war in the history of Nepal till now. But, this got severe blow in 2006 and became already defunct. We should realize this fact and should accept this truth. Now we have to analyze the reasons for such happening as objectively as possible.

    Now, this is the period of the preparation of the fourth phase. Hence, it is only natural that we see fierce two line struggle continuing. “The participation in election” line,and “the boycott of the election” line are standing against each other.

    In the past, there were several mistakes as the revolutionaries behaved like a monolithic bunch. They must learn lessons and should conduct the two line struggle till it passes through the process of political debate that could be conducted within the party and by following the procedures of the party. Pushing people out is not the solution, pushing the wrong line out by taking the debate as ideologically as possible and as politically as possible should be the objective. Hence, allowing debate till it reaches to its logical end should be the general norm.

    As far as I believe, the “participate in the election” line is exactly what the UCPN and UML have been following. There is no need of the CPN(M) to carry the same tactic and agenda with the same vague goal. However, the leaders and cadres of the CPN (M) following such line should be given full hearing so as to help them to decide not emotionally but politically and ideologically.

    After seeing the “March Pass”, the Nepalese people hope that there are seeds germinating for the forth phase of the armed class struggle, this time, may be, arm revolt as the basic nature of our society has been fast changing.

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