Letter to Comrade Kiran by CPI (Maoist)

new logoThis is the letter sent by Communist Party of India (Maoist)  to the  Comrade Mohan Baidhya ‘ Kiran’, Chairman of newly formed Communist Party of Nepal –Maoist. Last year, near about one year back the revolutionary faction within UCPN (Maoist) led by Comrade Kiran,  made rupture with the neo–reactionary faction led by Prachand- Baburam. This letter was sent in late August,  after the  national  gathering of revolutionary faction, which was held in  June 2012.  And the 7th National Congress of CPN-Maoist was held  early  in January 2013.

We think, this is the letter of great significance. CPI-Maoist appears very hopeful and enthusiastic in this letter. Indian Comrades  have focused  their concern in  three main points:1. to adopt the correct ideological and political line, 2. to unite the real revolutionary forces for the revolution and 3. to adopt the  proletarian internationalism . In fact,  the main concern of  CPI-Maoist is the correct ideological and political line. And  I would like to point out that  the newly formed Party CPN-Maoist still looks at the crossroads.

 In our next post, we are going to post the Nepalese version of this letter. Thanks to Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle for making this message available. Here is the full text of the message.


Hail the formation of Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist

Message of CC, CPI (Maoist) to the CC, CPN -Maoist

 August 31, 2012

To Comrade Kiran,

The Chairman, CPN-Maoist

The CC, CPI (Maoist) is sending its warmest revolutionary greetings to you and all the CC members and the entire rank and file of the CPN-Maoist on the formation of the new revolutionary party in Nepal after a prolonged internal ideological and political struggle against the opportunist and neo-revisionist leadership within the party who betrayed the Nepalese revolution and by demarcating and making a break with them.

Even while the Nepal Revolution reached the stage of strategic offense, the UCPN (Maoist) leadership assessed the national and international situation subjectively, took erroneous tactics which themselves led the party get bogged down in the quagmire of parliamentarianism with capitulationism uninterruptedly since end 2005. The opportunist faction that was dominant in the party rapidly went on taking modern revisionist positions including 12-point Agreement, 8-point Agreement and Comprehensive Peace Agreement etc thus betraying the cause of the Nepal people and causing enormous harm to the New Democratic Revolution. The revolutionary faction of the UCPN (Maoist) led by Comrade Kiran and other revolutionaries put up a fight against the neo-revisionist stands that harmed the interests of the Nepal oppressed masses and have split at various stages from the revisionist leadership. Our CC considers such splits resorted to by genuine revolutionaries demarcating from the neo-revisionist leadership and its erroneous right opportunist line as correct steps that would advance the revolution in Nepal and serve the interests of the oppressed classes and all oppressed social sections in Nepal. Our CC hails the formation of CPN-Maoist and offers its support and solidarity to the new party with Proletarian Internationalism. We wholeheartedly wish that your Congress scheduled to be held in February 2013 would be a great success and that it would be successful in adopting a correct ideological political line and path of the revolution and on this basis in uniting and consolidating all the genuine revolutionary forces in the country.

On this joyous occasion, we would like to put in a word which we learned from our own experience. The CPN (Maoist) and  heroic people of Nepal waged Protracted People’s War (PPW) for seizure of political power, got steeled and strengthened in war and achieved great successes. But now for a long period of more than 7 years the PPW has been abandoned and the party and the people have been engaged in parliamentary, peaceful and legal activities. In such a backdrop, the great qualities that were gained due to PPW may have diluted significantly now. Even after the formation of the new party there is a possibility for dilution of revolutionary qualities due to working in a legal setup for a long period. So those have to be regained and sustained with correct ideological and political line, path of revolution, class struggle, conscious effort and practicing proletarian life style and work style. Ideological, political and organizational mistakes done during the internal struggle are to be identified correctly and rectified very seriously. The mistakes you realized and rectified while forming the new party give us good hope that you are advancing in this direction and we wholeheartedly hope that it would continue.

Revolutionaries may still be present in the neo-revisionist Prachanda-Bhattarai faction of the party, so your stand of continuing internal struggle and keeping the doors open till the Congress is correct. We feel that efforts must be put later too to unite the genuine revolutionaries and there should a scope for them to join the genuine revolutionary party. Some comrades had left the party beforehand and we hope that you would put efforts to unite with all such genuine revolutionary forces that have demarcated themselves from the neo-revisionists. This unity of all revolutionary forces on correct ideological and political line would be very necessary to isolate revisionists and to unite people in the larger interests of the revolution. As we are all aware any one country’s communist party cannot intervene in another country regarding the political line, strategy and tactics to be followed by the communist party there. But it would be necessary to hear and pay serious attention to the critical opinions/observations that would be placed before you by the International Maoist parties with proletarian internationalist spirit.

We sincerely hope that your new party would play its role in the liberation of the oppressed masses of South Asian people with International Proletarianism as before. Just a few years back Nepal was on the threshold of building a revolutionary base for the World Socialist Revolution and we hope the new party would continue to work to fulfill this task by putting efforts for advancing towards victory in Nepal. Still there is every possibility of capturing power in Nepal in a new manner in spite of great dangers. We hope that our two parties along with all fraternal Maoist parties in South Asia would put up a united, consistent and tough fight against Indian expansionism, imperialism and all kinds of reactionaries.

We hope that the new party would boldly uphold MLM, creatively apply it to the concrete new context and the nature of the society in Nepal, would oppose all types of revisionism, particularly Prachanda-Bhattarai modern revisionism in Nepal to fulfill the revolutionary aspirations of the proletariat and oppressed people of Nepal and the world.

We end this letter with the great hope that CPN-Maoist would uphold revolutionary traditions of the great oppressed masses of Nepal and Proletarian Internationalism and fulfill the dreams of thousands of great martyrs of Nepal revolution.

With Revolutionary Greetings,



Central Committee,

CPI (Maoist)

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2 Responses to “Letter to Comrade Kiran by CPI (Maoist)”

  1. Divash Sharma says:

    Nepali Revolution and CPN – M: Some Unsolicited Inputs

    Since its reorganization, CPN – M has been suffering from absence of clarity in several fronts – political line, organization building, tactic, strategy, etc. The leadership has been showing inconsistencies in their words and practices. It seems that its cadres are in a state of serious confusion and its sympathizers are bewildered. Now, it is high time for CPN – M leadership to clarify, at least, the following points.

    1. What the party is going to do?

    • re-launching protracted people’s war, or
    • limiting to urban mass rebellion or entering into electoral politics and functioning as parliamentary political force, or
    • talking absurd and moving to slow process of natural death

    2. What type of party the leadership intends to build?

    • a mass organization like Nepali Congress, or
    • a cadre based reformist organization like UCPN (M) or CPN (UML), or
    • a revolutionary party like the CPN (M) of yesteryear

    3. What tactic the party is going to concentrate on?

    • re-election of the Constituent Assembly and establishing a reformist regime, or
    • launching mass movements and armed struggle in appropriate time so as to prepare ground for establishing a new democratic state, or
    • simply talk all and act none, follow the road easily available

    4. Is the party just reactive or proactive?

    • just oppose what reactionaries or reformists do, or
    • Just inform people about their rights and duties and difficulties and miseries, or
    • Organize people, create hope among them, launch struggles and align all efforts to the direction of the larger cause with thoughtfully planned strategic orientation

    Playing between revolution and non-revolution, between causes and effects, between one set of equilibrium and another set of deliverable could be understandable as relative and temporary phenomenon. However, strategically, these ‘play-betweens’ could result in total and irreversible decay of strengths, energy and even existence. Hence, clarity is what the CPN – M leadership needs to find out, right now. The natural next step would be to align all strengths, energy and endeavors to that course. Certainly, the factors of vital importance to ensure such alignment include identifying appropriate political, ideological and operational lines and practicing accordingly.

  2. sheela says:

    Great proposal and comment by com Divash, well said….!

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