Babu Ram means a real traitor

After all Babu Ram Bhattarai came out  in his real face. He himself has proven  that he is the real traitor of Indian expansionism . He has signed the Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement (BIPA), which serves the Indian interest.  Comrade Chandra Prakash Gajurel, secretary of UCPN (Maoist) and senior leader of Baidhya faction has denounced the anti-national agreement-‘BIPA’. This agreement is not at all in the interest of Nepal. It will ruin the national economy and safeguards the Indian interest. We strongly oppose this anti- national ‘BIPA’agreement.

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Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has signed the controversial Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement (BIPA) which will safeguard Indian business ventures in Nepal from non-commercial losses incurring from riots, vandalism and terrorist attacks. As per the deal the Indian companies should be treated equally as Nepali companies.

This is what the Indians since long wanted to get it done from the JNU Graduate. Bhattarai has finally paid the price of the Indian salt that he consumed during his decades and decades long in Sonia’s India.

The deal was labeled as anti-national and risky by Nepal’s declared pro-Indian parties and their leaders too, primarily, K.P. Sharma Oli from the UML party, told a gathering that the agreement was not at all in the larger interest of Nepal.

Oli though is a regular visitor to Delhi for his Kidney treatment which is free for him.

Former Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav who chairs the beleaguered Madhesi Janadhikar Forum too was not pleased with the signing of the agreement that India kept on pressing Nepal for more than past two decades. He made the observation talking to a local television Channel. Though Bharat Mohan Adhikari of United Marxist Leninists was pleased with the signing of the agreement, Dr. Prakash Saran Mahat of the Nepali Congress made critical observations. They also made their comments talking to a local television channel.

Bharat Mohan Adhikari is a declared India man, claim his party colleagues.

Bhattarai has thus justified his elevation as Nepal’s Prime Minister by the Indian regime, it is being talked in every nooks and corners of Kathmandu.

Indian diplomacy is not based on charity.

Renowned historian Professor Surendra K.C. who was available for his comments told Telegraph Nepal this morning that, “Baburam’s status after signing of the BIPA agreement is no different than Late Prime Minister Matrika Prasad Koirala who had handed over the mighty Koshi River to India for free with the signing of unequal Koshi agreement in 25 April 1954”. Lendhups now surfacing.

Similarly, C.P. Gajurel of Prime Minister Bhattarai’s own party too has labeled the agreement as anti-national.

Gajurel is talked to be a strong nationalist.

The two sides have also signed an agreement that will provide Nepal with a $250 million (Nrs. 20 Billion) line of credit at the interest rate of 1.75 percent p.a. which will be used for construction of transmission lines, repair old ones and for the purpose of road and irrigation related projects.

( The work force will definitely imported from Bihar, India).

Bhattarai making maiden comments after signing the insulting agreement with India said, “The Signing of BIPA has assured the Indian investors that the government of Nepal is totally committed to protect their investment in Nepal. Ultimately it will minimize the balance of trade between the two countries.”

However, the publicized agreement on avoidance of double taxation could not be signed.

All three agreements were signed in presence of prime ministers from both the countries at the dangerous Hyderabad House, October 21, 2011.

When asked for his comments on allegation that he was facing back home with the signing of BIPA termed as anti-national, said Bhattarai, “How can we protect our nationalism without taking the nation towards economic prosperity? We cannot protect our national interest in poverty.”

Sikkim too has reportedly achieved economic growth after being annexed by India.

Was Bhattarai hinting at that?

“My visit has been successful in that it has fulfilled all expectations”, concluded Bhattarai.

Reportedly, Bhattarai’s meeting with Italy born ruling Congress-I Chair-Woman and most powerful lady in India, Ms. Sonia Gandhi has been deferred indefinitely.

May be she deferred this meet concluding that Bhattarai “ To Aapna Hi Aadmi Hai”.


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  1. sheela says:

    १. यो बिपा सझौताले नेपाललाइ भारतको एकलौटी ‘आर्थिक साम्राज्य’ बनाउन कोशेढुंगाको काम गर्छ/ नेपालमा भारत बाहेक अर्को तेस्रो देशको लगानीलाइ निरुत्साहित गर्छ/ इंडिया को ब्यापक दबाबका बाबजूद पनि अगाडिका कुनैपनि ‘कठपुतली सरकारहरु’ले समेत सझौता गर्न आट नगरेर थन्केको यो सम्झौता बाबुराम मार्फत गराउन इंडिया सफल भयो/ माओबादीको ‘रास्त्रबादी धार’ ले शंका गरे जस्तो सिक्किमीकरण भन्दा पनि पहिले नेपाललाइ ‘फिजी कारण’ गराउने कुरा चाहि पक्कै हो/
    २. बाबुराम लाइ प्र.म. बनाउन मरिहत्ते गर्नेहरुले (माओबादी ईतरका समेतले) डाक्टर सा’बको सक्कली अनुहार देख्न पाए/ इंडिया-भक्तहरुको लाइनमा कांग्रेस-एमालेका केहि मूर्धन्य नेता भन्दा बाबुराम कति कम कति बढी!

    नेपालमा जसलाई प्र. म. भए पनि, जुन पार्टीबाट बनाएपनि भारतीय दलाललाइ पटक्कै बनाउनु हुदैन/ चेतना भया. !!!

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