India’s Disaster Politics exposed

imge india(These days Nepalese people are facing a great disaster and mishap. In the mean time some evil elements are playing their negative role in the name of relief operation. In this regard the role played by Indian army has produced a lot of questions inside the country and abroad. Online medias and some daily newspapers of Nepal have raised the questions seriously, that Indians want relief operation or something else. Telegraph Nepal has published a news referring the daily Annapurna Post and an online news portal has published a comment ‘India has captured Nepalese Airport’. The online writes, the Tribhuwan airport of Nepal is packed by Indian security persons and the members of Investigation bureau. Along with a group of RSS, Hindu fundamentalist group of India, also has arrived in Nepal without any invitation and they have made connection with Nepalese Hindu fundamentalist.

Not only this, Chinese Government also has expressed dissatisfaction on the activities of The Indian Military Aircraft-Hercules. According to the Telegraph Nepal : With the Indian security agencies engaged in relief works entering Nepali territory close to the Chinese border, the government in the north has requested Nepal government not to allow Indian side to enter the district of Rasuwa and allow India to fly in the Chinese flying zone. Here is the news published in Telegraph Nepal.)

India disaster politics exposed
A report by Annapurna Post claims referring to sources at the department of civil aviation that, Indian government aircrafts lined up at Kathmandu airport have been mostly engaged in airlifting their own nationals.
They will keep on landing at the busy Kathmandu airport for next two weeks, airport officials expect.The Indian Military Aircraft-Hercules had brought its own van to move around the airport, also reports Annapurna Post. None of the six MI-17 Helicopters sent by the Indian government have been able to carry out relief operation as swiftly as was expected of them.
Rather the helicopters have only been carrying Indian media men and photographers around the earthquake ravaged areas to film videos and take pictures.
The pictures shown by the Indian media has instead been portraying Nepal negatively and been projecting Nepal as being inefficient to carryout relief works on its own and thus the reports claims, the related department has asked the Ministry of Home Affairs to take needed steps.
The report claims, Nepal Army has only two helicopters but it has been carrying out relief activities much better than the six Indian helicopters. There have been enough show-offs in the media of the Indian support but the reality has been different, writes Annapurna and continues, “The Nepali officials are not at all happy with the Indian relief activities.”
Though the government of Nepal has requested the international community to focus their relief activities in the district of Dhading, Dolakha, Sindhupalchowk, a jumbo team of India’s SSB (Border Security Force) has landed in Kathmandu, also writes Annapurna Post.
The report quotes sources at the Nepal’s Armed Police Force as saying, “We have failed to understand why they are here in such a large number.” The Home Ministry secretary Surya Silwal confirms that Nepal Government has not provided authority for the Indian SSB to land in Nepal.
“We have only asked for technical support and relief army not SSB,” concludes Silwal.

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