Indian Blockade and Nepalese Maoists (1)

Baral NPRishi Raj Baral
At the outset, I would like to inform that, since two months, we Nepalese people are facing ruthless economic blockade, imposed by the Indian expansionism. Indian fascist government wants Nepal to be under his control like Bhutan, a small landlocked country of South Asia. It wants to treat Nepal as his own province. Indian expansionism is exercising neo-colonialism, forgetting that Nepal, a country which safeguarded its sovereignty and independence even at the time when the world was divided among the world empires, is a sovereign, independent country.
Nepal has executed new Constitution and has formed a new government in the leadership of KP Oli, Chairman of UCPN (ML). The new constitution of Nepal is not a people’s constitution, it is not based on the revolutionary content. In fact, it is a constitution based on multiparty parliamentary system. And the newly formed government also is not the government of Communist revolutionaries. UCPN (ML) and UCPN(Maoist) both are the followers of multiparty parliamentary system. But, it is a matter of surprise that, India has imposed economic blockade, violating the international law on the rights of a landlocked country. It is known to all that India wished to manage the Nepalese Constitution in his own command and to form the government in the leadership of of pro- Indian parties like Nepali Congress and Tarai (plain) based parties.
It will be better to make clear that, federal system was/is not the voice of the Nepalese People, it was forcefully imposed by the Indian expansionism through Tarai based pro-Indian parties and NGOs, so that, India could mange plain area of Nepal according to his interest. No doubt, India’s design is to split Tarai region and merge the Nepali territory in the Indian union. It is known to all that, after the invasion on Sikkim, Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister of India, had intended to split the southern part of Nepal, through political conspiracy. It is the matter to note that, India has not clarified, on claims made by former RAW chief RK Yadav regarding Indian plans to break the Tarai region. Yadav, chief of RAW during Indira Gandhi’s tenure as PM, in his book, Mission RAW , stated that India had planned to disintegrate the Tarai region. ‘Madhesi Morcha’ is the joint front of Tarai based pro-Indian parties, who is working for the Indian interest. Now Modi Government is executing that unfinished work by Indira Gandhi, through these anti- nationalist elements.
India has not given permission to entrance any vehicle including fuel and Medicine in the Nepalese territory. Fuel problem, particularly lack of cooking gas and medicine are the main problem that Nepalese people are facing these days. In fact, it is the declaration of war by India, against Nepal and Nepalese People.
The blockade imposed by India has produced a lot of fury among the Nepalese people. They have come out in the street chanting the slogan ‘Back off India’, ‘Modi! Remove Blockade’. Not only this, we have got support and understanding from the intellectuals and journalists of India and abroad.
It is a matter of worry that Oli government has no any scientific plan and program to solve this national crisis. Frequently Nepalese People are facing these problems since long time (it is third time that India has imposed blockade on Nepal) and now we want a long term policy, plan and program to solve this type of crisis. Words are not enough, people want to be aware of in action.
Now we have another question, in such critical circumstance where are the Maoists of Nepal ? What should they do and what are they doing? In fact, we have a vital question: Are there Maoists in Nepal ? This is the question to be answered.
Yes, there are, but….

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