In death of Fidel Castro: PCM Italy

italy-logoAs anti-imperialist revolutionary, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communist just can remember and honor him.

The Cuban Revolution, he developed and built in an exciting way along with Che Guevara, his aspiration to make Cuba a socialist country, the firm defense of the Cuban revolution facing the aggression and embargo by US imperialism.

These are pages that assign him a place in history.

The aspiration to free Latin America from US imperialism domain, the many years long battle to make Cuba a reference and support for the whole anti-imperialist movement and the anti-imperialist armed struggles in the continent have been a contribution for the development of anti-US imperialism worldwide and influenced a generation of anti-imperialists in the world.

US imperialism, all the supporters of US imperialism in the world have never ceased to vilify Castro and Cuba and fight him calling him a dictator and a tyrant, and now they rejoice for his death, as well as fascist Cuban exiles in US and around the world. But their joy is that of who have been defeated by history. Their screams are the best tribute to Castro and the Cuban Revolution.

However, the way Castro defined himself and many in the world recognized him, as an uncompromising Communist, the last Communist, flag of communism and revolution in the world, does not correspond to the reality.

From this point of view, Castro died long ago. When he committed to the revisionist transformation of USSR, after the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU, when he committed to the social-imperialist policy and action, when, in the name of defense of Cuba, he agreed to be a pawn in the confrontation between the two superpowers, when he covered first in a centrist, then in a revisionist way the stand of CPSU against the Socialist China of Mao Tsetung in the ranks of the International Communist Movement, becoming a pawn in the struggle against Marxism-Leninism- Maoism in Latin America and worldwide.

So Cuba has stopped its march towards socialism, starting the path that over the years, after 1989, has led to the new conciliation with US imperialism and Obama, of which, luckily for him, he will not see the consequences.

PCm Italy

November 27, 2017


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