Imperialist Agenda of the US Must be Thrashed by DPRK-Syria-Iran

Donald Trump’s threat to destroy North Korea (DPRK) during his debut speech in the UN, makes a strong case for the Worker’s Party government in Pyongyang to step up national defense and build up a strong frontier against the notorious axis formed by the Donald Trump-led fascist US government, Japan, US-occupied South Korea (southern Korean peninsula) and other regional lackeys.

Under no pressure from the UN and its Security Council, which acts as the loyal dog of the US and its ruling clique, the DPRK (North Korea) government should allow even the slightest disarmament, as it will provide the US with a perfect chance to attack and annihilate it. Rather, there can be no better way to deal with the issue than what the Worker’s Party’s founders and their forces did 67 years ago when the US tried to colonise the entire Korean peninsula after the Japanese fascist dogs were thrashed away by the valourous Korean people.

 During his speech in the UN, which was thumped by the Zionist Israel and other bootlickers of the US, Donald Trump threatened Iran and Syria with stricter military actions, after his fascist regime got richer by $700 billion of common American tax-payers’ money, following the Senate’s backing of a bill that allowed to increase the military spending of world’s largest terrorist regime led by a narcissist warmonger, to ensure that the US can increase the presence of its fascist jackboots throughout the world, wherever its corporate houses wants to setup neo-colonial rule. The audacity of the US government, exemplified by the amplified war cry of the fascist warmonger feral monster Trump against sovereign countries of the world, is actually boldened by the notorious track record of the US in overturning governments of different countries by unleashing terrorist wars on them and by sponsoring violent counter-revolutionary coups. The US wasn’t ever punished for its crimes by the victims or the international bodies, after the punishment meted out to it by the massive victory of the Vietnamese people against its imperialist aggression, and now the onus falls on the people of the DPRK (North Korea), Syria and Iran to repel off the aggression that the US is actually fuelling on their country or is threatening to do by building strong resistance struggle. It’s upon the people of these three countries to punish the US and its allies for their imperialist ambition and the examples of Korea, Indo-China, etc. should serve as a bright and inspiring example for them.

 Donald Trump has faced the heat in the war theatre of Syria, where the Syrian government forces are winning the battle waged by the US and the Salafist terrorists and Kurdish separatists against the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad. The US establishment is trying hard to cover up the humiliating defeat of its lackeys and lapdogs in the Syrian war, where the Russian Air Force is supporting the ground forces of the Syrian Arab Army to take on the ISIS and other forces that are aided by the West and the NATO. Now that the battle at Deir ez-Zor intensified and as the US is trying to occupy a large chunk of land in the oil-rich part of Syria through its Kurdish pawns, the hawks in Washington are keen to divert the attention of the people of US from the Syrian war theatre to the far east, where, with the help of the toady mainstream corporate media, the US ruling clique has successfully managed to vilify the legitimate government of the DPRK (North Korea), which refuses to embrace the neo-liberal economic system that the US-sponsored World Bank, IMF and the WTO jointly force poor countries to accept. Thus, a war against DPRK, which is rightfully protecting its sovereignty and integrity in the face of an imminent threat from the US by building up an arsenal that can thwart the US aggression by counter-strikes, is becoming a necessity for the crisis-ridden American ruling class, represented by Donald Trump.

 For attacking the DPRK (North Korea), the US has another ulterior motive of gradually opening a frontier against China, where Donald Trump is eager to establish a neo-colonial rule. Though the Communist Party of China is now led by the capitalist roaders and the capitalist production relations is predominant in the country, the baggage of an erstwhile socialist relic is quite unprofitable for the Chinese capitalists as well as their American investors and partners. As long as the red banner flies at the Tiananmen Square, the neo-Chiang Kaisheks of China feel the threat of a new lease of Cultural Revolution that the Chinese Communist Party’s maverick leader Mao Zedong once led against the bureaucratic and capitalist-roader party leaders. The plan of the US and its allies to overthrow the present ruling system of China and to establish an overtly fascist rule of the capitalists and their giant corporations on the people of China is fuelling a worldwide mass opinion building propaganda war against the Chinese people and the ideology that allowed them to free themselves from the shackles of semi-colonial rule nearly 68 years ago. The Indian mainstream media is a partner of the US and the West in this anti-China conspiracy and the Korean War II will reopen the gates for the US, after seven decades, to relaunch large-scale war of aggression against China itself with the help of Japan and other lackeys of Washington.

 The Korean people living in the Southern peninsula (South Korea), occupied and colonised by the US since last 67 years, will be turned into cannon fodder in a fratricidal war by the imperialist forces. The people of Korea will be pitted against each other, while the US and Japan will orchestrate such a violent show, sitting at a distance, before launching an all-out aggressive war. It will be foolish on part of the DPRK government to consider that the international community or even its old ally China will be in a position to stop the war juggernaut of the US terror machine headed by Trump. Rather, the only thing that can deter and stop the cavalcade of Trump and his men and machines is a strong resistance by the People’s Army of the DPRK (North Korea). Eventually, it’s the CIA and the US Army, which is afraid of the very People’s Army of DPRK, which made it bite the dust in the 1950s war. However, as there is no Soviet Union to back the DPRK government and China is no more an ally, so the Korean people of DPRK and their army, the People’s Army, must fight the new war by entirely relying on their own strength and by using their own resources.

 When Trump and his sycophants in the US are threatening to disturb world peace by inciting the international community with slanderous and libelous propaganda against the country that fearlessly stood against its sanctions and trade barriers for decades and still dares to look into the eyes of world’s largest terrorism factory-Pentagon, it becomes a sacred task of the very democratic, progressive and peace-loving people of the world to encircle and condemn the warmongers of Washington and New York by thumbing down their plans, by initiating a wide-scale non-cooperation movement against the regime, by denying to pay it taxes and by resisting the entire fascist machinery from moving one step ahead on the path of a war with the DPRK (North Korea).

 It’s worthy to remember that the US has massacred millions of people throughout the world since the end of the Second World War with an intention to establish its global hegemony. It has funded and sponsored some of the most notorious autocratic regimes around the world and is the only country on earth that has, until now, used nuclear weapons against a country’s civilian population. The US government’s attempt to build up mass opinion in favour of a war against a legitimate government of a country, which it wants to occupy, by planting slanderous stories against that very government and its plans and programmes in the corporate-media outlets is now known well to the people. The majority of the American people, the majority of the people of Asia-Africa-Latin America, have discarded the war cry by the fascist Trump regime against DPRK (North Korea). A large section of the progressive and democratic forces in the US and outside it are now starting to criticise the mainstream media’s vilification campaigns against the government and the leader of the DPRK by using bush telegraphs. Rather the people have raised questions about the credentials of the US and its commitment to the cause of world peace by citing the dubious record it holds in unleashing violence. In the month of August, hundreds of thousands of DPRK workers and people rallied against the threats of a US imperialist aggression on their country to show their strong unity and their determination to erect an iron-strong resistance against the American attack and doom the prospects of Donald Trump in the Asia Pacific region. More such rallies, such pledges and the show of courage and determination is required at present all over the world, so that Trump and his running dogs can’t dare to take a step ahead to attack DPRK (North Korea).

 The time is ripe for the democratic and revolutionary people’s forces throughout the world to synchronise and intensify a global struggle against the warmonger fascist US and the Trump regime that is trying to re-colonise the world using brute military power. The people of Asia-Africa and Latin America have paid for their freedom from colonisation by the Western powers by sacrificing a lot of blood. That blood of the brave martyrs of international salvation movements cannot go in vain and the imperialist jackboots cannot be let to overturn governments of sovereign countries, destroy and ravage countries around the world like they did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Rather to keep the spirit of anti-colonial and democratic struggle alive, to keep the spirit of independence alive in the continents of Asia-Africa and Latin America, it’s mandatory that the forces of democracy, patriotism and progress must bury the  US imperialism by defeating it in unison with the people of DPRK (North Korea), Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Let the call of the Worker’s Party of Korea and the People’s Army of DPRK (North Korea), in the face of the imminent threat from fascist warmonger Donald Trump’s regime be the reiteration of the Soviet Red Army’s historic slogan during the battle of Stalingrad – Not one step back.

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