Gaur Massacre and the ‘Year of Tourism’

By Rishi Raj Baral

First of all, Red salute to our beloved Comrades Pratap and Saroj, Red Salute to the Comrades of Gaur massacre and ‘Red salute’ to  the Comrades of ‘flying birds’.

Armed gangsters of so called Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum, Hindu fundamentalists, Indian criminals ,cadres of Nepali Congress and other Madhes based anti-maoists ,in a ghastly armed attack had massacred 28  Maoist: members of Madhesi Libration Front ( sister organisation of NCP–Maoist), local cadres, YCL members and sympathizers, who had come to attend an open mass meeting organised by Madheshi Liberation Front at Mill open field in Gaur the head quarter of Rautahat district (a district of eastern Tarai  close to Indian border).

It was an incident of April 4, 2007. Now four years have passed since then. NCP ( Maoist) has become UNCP( Maoist). The leaders must have forgotten  that issue, the bloody  massacre. The people of that region and the family of those victims have not forgotten that massacre. They had lost their beloveds, their sons and daughters. And it is a matter of deep sorrow and  a matter of rage that , in the name of party unity, one of the heads of that massacre gang Ram Kumar Sharma is the central committee member of  our party UCPN (Maoist), to whom  Pushpa Kamal Dahal  has welcomed with Abir and Phulmala, i.e. a ceremonial welcome with garlands and traditional red powder.

On Thursday, June 16, 2011, our three  main leaders Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda”, Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’ and Babu Ram Bhattarai ‘Laldhoj’ landed at Pipra Bhaloiya village of Rautahat district, the district of bloody  massacre of 2007.   They  had reached   Rautahat to attend  a program in memoriam of the Maoist martyrs, Rit Bahadur Khadka ‘Pratap’ and Kaushal Pandit ‘saroj’. No doubt, these two comrades  were brave sons of  mother Nepal. Comrade Rit Bahadur Khadka CC member,  was a young and a brilliant revolutionary leader of  our party, was shot dead during the People’s war, while returning from the CC meeting.

It is  our liability and duty to remember the people’s heroes. To attend the program is not a matter of remark or surprise, but it is a surprise that our three leaders of new Nepal landed in Gaur in two choppers.  When a huge number of the cadres are facing financial problems, problem of living from hand to mouth, and when a huge number of cadres have no any facility of medical treatment, not even a single Paracetamol, our leaders had chosen a lavish trip by Helicopters. After all, the government has declared this year as the ‘Year of Tourism’ . How comical! When they had landed in Gaur, it was felt as if they were not the same leaders who fought ten years people’s war and lead the people’s war, but mere movie heroes arriving for movie shooting. They landed as visitors not as revolutionary heroes.  From Kathamandu, it was six to seven hour drive to Rautahat.  They could have used an   aeroplane from Kathamandu to Simara and thereafter a motor car  to reach the program spot. What they spoke there is not remarkable but the way, the manner, which they used to go and attend the program is a matter of debate.

Since 6 years, Dahal and Bhattarai have been in the same boat and they are habituated doing this sort of lavish display, but what about Baidhya?  In the name of martyrs memoriam, was Baidhya trapped or something else?  In future Baidhaya should think twice before doing these kinds of acts.

Medias have mentioned that Dahal blamed reactionaries for trying to split the party. But we know and every cadre knows, Dahal is the main architect for splitting the party. His thinking and behavior has brought our party in this complicated position– at the crossroads.

To remember the martyrs is not a drama, a role-play. Comrade Rit Bahadur Khadka, was a true comrade of people’s revolution, a comrade of revolutionary enthusiasm. Personally, he was my true and beloved comrade. The memoriam of our martyr was in fact a role-play. Then two hour’s drama was over. Our brave and respectable leaders returned Kathamandu performing a ‘historical’ act.

It is noticeable that they did not have any respect and honor for the comrades of Gaur massacre.  They did not have any desire and wish to visit that place and meet the family members of the massacred people of April 4, 2007. Were not they martyrs too? Were not they the martyrs to be remembered? In fact they did not have respect and honor for martyrs, they were just going to fulfill the formality. Martyrs are forgotten and the murderers are rewarded. It is a bitter fact of the present situation. Those who are habituated to stay in air-conditioned rooms would have problem to walk and travel by public vehicles in these days in Tarai region. We are unable to know what was the villager’s impression after their departure. But it can be imagined: people were very depressed. They were remembering the days of People’s War.

We have many questions and more comments on this issue. Three  persons and two helicopters, what a joke !  Was it necessary to have two helicopters? Who will pay the bills? Before this, in the name of Standing Committee’s meeting, they enjoyed rafting on Kosi river and now in the name of memoriam program they enjoyed flying birds. It demands a reasonable answer. Remember, people want their own heroes, the heroes of the Great People’s War, not new Raja Maharajas.

Our leaders have diverted far away from the revolutionary ideal and revolutionary working style. It is not the correct way to remember the great martyrs.  After this accident, one question has arisen in my heart : Is there running two line struggle within our party ?

Yes, some questions are to be answered, but it is not the time to be depressed.  One thing is clear, the revolution will not be deacuatlized. The people will never be defeated! The battle is not finished. It is right to rebel. The east is red.





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