Galician Committee to Support the People’s War in India condemns arrest of activists

The “Galician Committee to Support the People’s War in India” strongly condemns the arrest of the activists;

Susan Abraham
Varavara Rao
Kranthi Thekula
Father Stan Swamy
Anand Teltumbde
Gautam Navlakha
Vernon Gonsalves
and Arun Ferreira

and we call on progressive and democratic political, trade union and mass organizations to publicly show their rejection of this new wave of arrests of activists who serve the people by the Modi’s Fascist Saffron regime.

We demand the immediate release of all these prisoners, as well as of the activists arrested in June;

Surendra Gadling
Rona Wilson
Sudhir Dhawale
Shoma Sen
and Mahesh Raut

and also of Professor GN Saibaba!!

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