Full text of the statement issued by comrade Kiran and comrade Badal

 Defense Minister Sarat Singh Bhandari’s anti national statement made on September 26, 2011 in the Reporters’ Club has shocked all patriotic people of Nepal. His sudden and un-called for statement threatening to split 22 districts of Terai from Nepal has stunned and enraged all patriotic people. Has this disgraceful statement come as a rehearsal under the grand design of Sikkimization of entire Nepal and in particular annexing Terai into India? Is this the concretized expression of the ambiguous provision of the four-point agreement which states ‘proposed issues for agreement’ with friendly countries? This has stirred serious agitation in all sectors. We, therefore, make following appeal to the government and all people:

  • Position of government be made clear.
  • Defense Minister be immediately dismissed.
  • The rights of the Madhesi people including federalism, autonomy and right to self-determination be guaranteed
  • The anti-national statement be condemned nation wide
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