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(This  week  Medias have published some remarkable news on ‘Free Tibet’ anti-China activities backed by American Imperialism and Indian Expansionism. Medias have also mentioned the name  of those political leaders and persons who are actively involved in this  anti-China movement. Most of them are pro-Indian Madhesi leaders including Home Minister Bijaya Gachhedar. Not only this, they have mentioned the name of Jhalanath Khanal  formar Prime minister and Chairman of UCPN(ML) and Gopal Kiranti Politburo Member of UCPN(Maoist), a supporter of Prachand faction, and Minister of  Cultural affairs. As we know including  the person like Kiranti, there are some  lawmakers within UCPN ( Maoist), who support the activities of ‘Free Tibet Mission’. And they have camouflaged themselves in the banner of Prachand and Bhattarai camp.)

Here we are posting two articles from, concerning the issue ‘Free Tibet’.

1.Nepal DPM Gachhedar sides with Tibetan refugees: Media report

According to Janadisha Daily- the Unified Maoists’ Party mouthpiece, Nepal’s Deputy Prime Minster cum Minister for Home Affairs Bijaya Kumar Gacchedhar has arrived at a clandestine deal with the local Tibetan Representatives. Juicy news.

As per the pact, the Tibetan representatives will provide financial support to his party to the tune of Rupees 18 million and in lieu Minister Gacchedhar will have to manage Refugee Identity Cards for the Tibetan Refugees.

Lucrative deal indeed.

Gacchedhar is also the chairman of Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Lokatantrik.

The deal was reached at Gyanjong Hotel in Lazimpat, Kathmandu, claims Janadisha daily.

It is estimated that some 20 thousand Tibetan Refugees are living in Nepal and four thousand of them still do not have refugee identity card. So sad.

Representing the Tibetan Refugees at the meeting were Thinley Lama and Lharkyal Lama.

While Thinley is the local representative of Tibetan cleric The Holy Dalai Lama, Lharkyal is a member of Nepal’s money spinning constituent assembly and a close confidante of United Marxist Leninist Chairman Jhalnath Khanal.

Gacchedhar had initially demanded Rupees 40 Million as a support to his party from the contracting party, it has been learnt.

Later the Tibetans agreed to pay Rupees 18 million.

Local Tibetans have reasons to smile now.

 2 . Nepal: China soon to be unnerved, new Board to carry Tibetan cause

 Here is the bombshell on the state of deteriorating Chinese diplomacy in Nepal.

A thirteen member Free Tibet Movement Coordination Committee has been formed by Tibetan separatists in Nepal.

The local Chinese Nero is busy playing his flute.

This is revealed by Rajdhani Daily-one of prominent daily newspapers, March 8, 2012, referring to the fresh report submitted by the National Investigation Department, NID, of the Ministry of Home Affairs. (A day earlier, we have published some of the finding of the NID).

According to the report, the committee is working under direct supervision of the so-called Tibetan Prime Minister in exile Lobsang Sangay.

The report refers to Nepali intelligence sources as claiming that the Tibeten movement is being planned at a time when Western countries including the United States is putting extreme pressures on Nepal government to assume flexible posture towards the cause of Tibetan refugees.

Nero is careless.

Thinley Lama and Churku Lama- the local contacts of Lobsang Sangay will be coordinating the Tibetan movement in Nepal, also adds the report. Thrilling news.

If the intelligence report is to be believed then some prominent leaders representing the Unified Maoists’ Party and United Marxist Leninist Party have also assured for their support to the Tibetan movement.

Whereas the sole winners have been the Western powers including the United States that has been quietly pushing its and allies agenda through their friendly forces, claim local observers in Nepal, since republican order was established with the direct support of Indian establishment and with quiet Chinese support—both Nepal’s immediate neighbours have witnessed situation becoming counterproductive for them.

As you sow, so will you reap.

Else, why would Nepal’s Minister for Cultural Affairs Gopal Kiranti who came to limelight by hurling shoes at the erratic former Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood support the Tibetan Movement?

The Minister, according to the intelligence report has already assured his support. Larkyal Lama, who was a cabinet member in the ministerial team led by Jhalnath Khanal is also linked with the movement.  This speaks of Khanal’s preference for Tibetan cause.

Who is using people like Minister Kiranti against both the neighbours is any body’s guess?

Flute playing continues yet. Beijing’s Nero is great.

A calculated campaign against China is already taking a shape which is sure to take a grand form after Nancy Powell arrives New Delhi as US Ambassador.

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