Credit goes to ‘Baidhya Faction’

Birds of the same feather flock together.

Nothing is new. It is the repetition of old games. But this time credit goes to ‘ Baidhya Faction’. Now ‘Baidhya Faction’ has to face a vital question, Comrades! Then What Next ? We have a lot of comments by local Medias. But internationally Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle is the first one to comment on this issue: Nepal: Leader of post-people’s-war ‘bourgeois electoral’ road wins Prime Minister post.

In our next issues, we will post more comments and articles on this issue. ‘Haste makes waste’. It will be better to wait and see, because formally he has not got the in- chargeship of Prime minister. But I would like to make aware that, most of the cadres of UCPM( Maoist) like to move towards Sagarmatha ( Mt. Everest) not Indian ocean.


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