Condemn the State Terror

Baral NPRishi Raj Baral

CPN-Maoist Intensifying  the Boycott Campaign

 ”We are not opponent of the CA election in an absolute sense, however, this election is not being held to write people’s constitution, rather it is based on the design of taking the country towards Sikkimisation. So, our party, the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist, has decided to actively and vigorously boycott this so-called second election. This decision is not based on the interest and opinion of the people. We earnestly call upon the respected masses of the people to make the boycott movement effective and a grand success.”

Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist

This is the Statement published by CPN-Maoist regarding the election boycott Campaign. The Central Committee meeting of CPN-Maoist which was held in Pokhara valley on July 2013, had decided to boycott the so called CA election actively and vigorously. Now there are only  2 days  left for  the so called polling day,  and the CPN-Maoist is escalating the boycott campaign throughout the country. As the degree and   velocity of boycott campaign is advancing  the reactionary government also has come out with its all strength, to suppress the boycott campaign. In fact,  it is not only a election-boycott campaign, in essence it is an anti- Sikkimisation movement, a movement of national safeguard and sovereignty.

At present,  the reactionary government backed by the Indian expansionism and   the American Imperialism  is intensifying the state terror on the oppressed people of Nepal, who are in the way to foil the so called CA election of 19th November. Particularly after the arrival of Alok Joshi the chief of notorious RAW (research  wing of India) and  Jimmi Carter, former president of USA, in the name of ”law and order” the reactionary government has extended the state  terror  on the Nepalese people . More than 300 party cadres including the Central Committee members Comrade Maya Prasad  Aacharya ”Parasmani” and Mangal  Shahi, have been arrested from the various parts of the country . Houses and party offices have been raid.  To intensify the  state terror government has deployed near about   two hundred thousand  ‘security personnel’.  Officers of   the home  ministry have declared that  they  have deployed 62, 000 Nepal army personnel, 10,000  Nepal police personal and  32,000 armed police force (APF) and  10,000 plain-cloths informers.  In real,  it is not the correct number, they have deployed more than that they have officially declared. The streets of Kathmandu city are full of armed forces. It looks that the government has declared  Nepal, as ‘a state of emergency’.

Including online magazines, government agencies have forced to shut down the medias  which  support the boycott campaign .  Not only the medias close to CPN-Maoist, they have threatened  other  medias also not to publish and broadcast any news and  views regarding  the  boycott campaign. In the name of ‘code of conduct’ they are providing censored materials to the medias. In another side, the big house owned medias, medias backed  by the external powers and  government owned medias are publishing  negative news and views regarding the boycott campaign.  These medias  are  publishing provocative news and  are creating  pressure to suppress the boycott campaign– a nationalist movement. The reactionary government itself has created a terrorized situation in the name of ”peaceful election”.

Right now,   officers of Indian Embassy are very active and they are backing their lackeys with money and muscle.  Frequently they are organizing meeting with Tarai-based pro-Indian parties.  Especially they  have frequently meeting with   Prachand and Baburam, their  new faithful clients.  Indians are busy to make their strategy for the forthcoming days. They are making a grand design for  the large number of pro-Indian representatives in the  constituent assembly . It has come to know that Indian embassy has deployed  his own intelligence members to collect the information  about the   activities of CPN-Maoist. It is also  known to us that  the recently arrived ‘Indian officer’, the Delhi envoy,  along with Prachand-Bauram are forcing the Government to arrest Comrade Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’ along with other seniors leaders

Despite of such state terror revolutionary people lead by CPN-Maoist have come out in the streets to intensify the election boycott campaign. Since 5 days long-root vehicles are totally shut down.  Rolpa, the first liberated zone during the 10 years People’s War, has declared as a  restricted area for the reactionary candidates. No any candidate has dared to enter the village. Party has organized March-Past rally of youth volunteers, from one village to another village to make public awareness.

Mean while intellectuals and journalists have released a press statement concerning the current situation.  They have demanded  to postponed the election and has asked  immediate talk with the CPN-Maoist.

At this very  moment,  I want to make clear that as I have mentioned above , this is not just a CA election, it is a process of Sikkimisation–a small country which was captured by India in the name of  ”people’s verdict”.  So we urge our well wishers and supporters  inside the country and abroad, to make public opinion against  the Sikkimisation Project designed by Indian  expansionism and American imperialism.

The reactionary government backed by the foreign masters must be denounced. There is no another way except to foil   the so called CA election. Let us Condemn the state terror and   intensify the boycott campaign.  

 17 November      0000

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