Condemn the arrest of Varavara Rao

Varavara Rao newStatement by the Revolutionary Intellectual-Cultural Front, Nepal
The Indian reactionary government has arrested Varavara Rao and others on Sunday, September 21. We Nepalese Intellectuals and Cultural activities of Nepal strongly condemn the arrest of Varavara Rao and other intellectuals, by the Indian reactionary government. Varavara Rao popularly known as V.V, is a renowned poet, a Marxist literary critic and a revolutionary intellectual. Most of the Nepalese cultural activists and intellectual know him as a revolutionary poet and a leading personality in the cultural-intellectual front. He is the President of Viplavi Rachayita Sangham (Revolutionary Writer’s Association) and the president of Revolutionary Democratic Front (Now it has been banned by the fascist government). Now he is the Convener of the Forum For Political Alternatives (FPA).
A public meeting, a seminar program was organised on the occasion of 10th anniversary of CPI (Maoist), in Hydarawad on Sunday 21st September. Police arrested more than 200 people including Forum leaders and activists and participants. Houses were raided from midnight to morning and women and children also were arrested. Indian progressive intellectuals, journalists and human right organisations have condemned the mass arrest done by the Police.
In an appeal the Marxist intellectual Harsh Thakor has said :
”Shamefully the historic program commemorating 10 years of the revolutionary movement by the Forum for Political Alternatives (FPA) in Hyderabad was curtailed, with activists detained who were arriving for the meeting. depicting the true nature of the state. It depicts how the bourgeois democratic projection of the state is a garb .We must all raise our voices against this heinous act. Revolutionary democrat Varavara Rao has done exemplary work in the Revolutionary writers association and exposed the state repression on democratic movements. In spite of permission the meeting was sabotaged. It is a mere illusion that we have a bourgeois democratic state. All over India , in every nook and corner of the world this attack should be exposed and the people educated on it’s significance. It has to be explained how in the name of suppressing ‘Maoism’ the state tramples on people’s rights. The ruling government has trampled upon the civil rights of the people – comment.”
Likewise sanhati,com says :
”These unprecedented arrests, which the police is claiming to be “preventive detention” is a direct attack on the fundamental right of people to associate and assemble, as enshrined in the constitution. Also, it is a complete violation of the law for women to have been picked up by male policemen at night. We demand the immediate release of the detained organizers and participants of this seminar and meeting and demand that the meeting be allowed to take place. We also call upon all democratic-minded people and organizations to protest against this absolutely undemocratic and tyrannical action of the Telangana state government.”
Similarly Kota Srinu also has condemned the arrest of Varavara rao and Virsam leaders and activists.
These days the reactionary Modi government of India and the State governments are intensifying massive attack on the oppressed people of India in the name of ‘naxalites’. Not only in the rural areas also in the urban areas the Indian reactionary government has lunched mass arrest and fake encounters. They are manufacturing false stories and spreading illusion through government owned medias. In spite of mass protest , the renowned intellectual Prof. G. N Saibaba and the cultural activist and student leader Hem Mishra are put in the Jail. We condemn such undemocratic and brutal activities of Indian government and demand immediate release of the intellectuals Varvara Rao and others.
We urge the Nepalese progressive intellectuals and cultural activists and revolutionary-likeminded people and organisations of the world to stand, firmly on the side of the oppressed people of India, who are fighting against the reactionary regime of India. We Nepalese people, the intellectuals and cultural activists, who fought 10 years People’s War and who are fighting against the reactionary powers inside the country and abroad, who are fighting against the revisionist elements within the Party and outside, firmly stand with the people of India who are fighting for their better future.
Sep, 22, 2014
Rishi Raj Baral
Convener : Revolutionary Intellectual-Cultural Forum, Nepal

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