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The highly charged, momentous hours before Varavara Rao’s arrest, by N Venugopal Rao

Starting from 1.40 in the afternoon of Friday, when the High Court in Hyderabad dismissed the petition of Varavara Rao, till 8.40 in the night of Saturday, when he was taken away by Pune police, a little more than thirty hours, his house in Gandhinagar in Hyderabad witnessed highly charged, inspiring and momentous scenes of […]

SD-Saroj Dutta and his times: Ilina Sen

[Kasturi Basu, Mitali Biswas (dir) and Scripted by Kasturi Basu, Mitali Biswas and Dwaipayan Banerjee] This is a film about the life of the Communist poet Saroj Dutta, and the turbulent days of the Naxal movement in Bengal in the sixties and seventies, where the poet and his context become inseparable from each other.

‛Immediate Release the Arrested Intellectual Personalities’ : Mohan Baidya ‛Kiran’

Various media have brought to light that the human right activists, social campaigners, journalists, academicians, lawyers and progressive intellectuals including Var Vara Rao, Gautam Navlakha, Anand Teltumbde, Susan Abraham, Sudha Bharadwaj, Beron Gonzavills have been arrested in false charges by the Indian Government on August 28, 2018 from their residences and they have been physically […]

63 Poets and Writers from Bangladesh against the Arrest of progressives intellectuals from India!

(On 31 August, a statement was issued with the demand of unconditional release of the Poets, writers, and intellectuals detained in India. This was read on the stage in a ceremony during the ‘Poetry of Block Hour’. 63 signatures were read out during the ceremony) The present Indian ruling Awadh Hindutva fascist Narendra Modi government […]

People’s literary festival in Kolkata

We, the Bastar Solidarity Network (Kolkata) are organizing a program that we are calling People’s Literary Festival (PLF henceforth) on 24-25 th March, 2018. The PLF wants to bring together a range of critical and resistant voices in the field of literary production from various corners of our country.

Salute 26th conference of Virasam: Harsh Thakor

Salute 26th conference of  Virasam which continued the legacy of the invincible ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to extinguish the dark process of Hindu fascism prevailing today. Chess were truly inspiring for rekindling the sacred flame of liberation from the tyranny of the fascism of the Hindu Brahmanical variety.

Revolutionary Writers Association invites to attend the Seminar

All India Seminar on The Impact of Naxalbari on Indian Society Revolution blossomed like spring and armed struggle began like the spring thunder. It is indeed amazing to this generation to imagine that spring thunder after fifty years. How poetic was the entry of Naxalbari like a spring into the history of people? The then […]

This is Varavara Rao’s article

Thunder bolt on Western Ghats: Remembering Ajita, Kuppu Devaraj, and the Wretched of the Earth : Varavara Rao  From the vast plains of Dharmapuri, Via satyamangalam forests, to the Konkan’s Malabar Coast Their hard-hitting questions, Unsettled the static wind then their drills began in the Western ghats,

Reascending Chingkangshan: Mao tse-tung

I have long aspired to reach for the clouds And I again ascend Chingkangshan. Coming from afar to view our old haunt, I find new scenes replacing the old.

Gaddar : against the State terror

Protesting voice cannot be silenced with bullet. “Nobody can stifle the voice of people who question the oppressive policies of the rulers. The protesting voice cannot be caged; hanged and silenced with bullets. It continues to remain alive in the hearts of the millions, who continue to protest the repression,” says revolutionary balladeer from Telangana […]

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