Baidhya faction raised the issue of Gonzalo, Operation Green Hunt and Saibaba

by : The Next Front
It is an amazing point, a point that must be taken with a great pleasure that, first time Nepal Communist party (Revolutionary Maoist) has raised the issue of Gonzalo, Operation Green Hunt and Saibaba.

The expanded meeting of Nepal Communist party (Revolutionary Maoist) has concluded and it has decided to participate in the local election in the name of Deshbhakta Janaganatantrik Morcha (DJM). And from the very beginning they have made alliance with non-Marxist parties like the party of Baburam Bhattarai-one of the traitor of the Nepalese Maoist movement.

We have already put our opinion on the coming local election. In an article published in Nepali vernacular (, Comrade  Rishi Raj Baral has made clear the current political situation of Nepal and has emphasized the need for rupture and to leap forward. He has mentioned that ” though ‘revolutionary use’ is a tactical question, but in the past, in the name of ‘revolutionary use’, who took part in election, have gone far away from the revolutionary spirit and have taken the road to revisionism and liquidationism. To take part in election is just to start a journey of a dark tunnel, that directs towards the unknown destination. ”

Here we don’t want to say more on this issue, we want to talk about other issues.

Their expanded meeting has passed some resolutions of political significance. Most of the resolutions are related to the national current issues

They have raised the issue of border dispute and have denounced the role of Indian expansionism. They have condemned the murder of Nepalese citizen Govinda Gautam by The Indian Border Security Force. They have demanded with the government of Nepal to scrap anti-national 25-point agreement between Nepal and India signed during Prachanda’s India visit and the decision that allows Indian air marshal to stay at Tribhuwan International Airport in Nepal.

Except this, the most amazing point is that, first time they have raised the issue of International Communist Movement. In their 20 point resolution three points are related to the International Communist Movement. Pressure being done by their cadres, first time they have raised the issues of Gonzalo, Operation Green Hunt (OGH) and Professor G.N. Saibaba.

As they have mentioned:

The meeting demands with the government of India to unilaterally stop the OGH and seek a political solution to the movement carried out by the Maoists.

A district court in Gadchiroli, Maharastra, has sentenced life-imprisonment to four revolutionaries, including Delhi University professor G N Saibaba on March 7, 2017. He has been sentenced to life-imprisonment with a ridiculous logic that Saibaba, who is a wheel-chair bound intellectual with 90 percent disability, caused a threat to the security of India. The expanded meeting denounces the ideological intolerance and inhuman decision of the Indian Court and strongly demands with the GOI to unconditionally release the revolutionaries including G N Saibaba.

The expanded meeting places a strong demand before the government of Peru to unconditionally release Gonzalo, the Chairman of the Communist Party of Peru (Shining Path), who has been imprisoned in isolation uninterruptedly since 1992.

It is a matter to note that though, they have raised the above mentioned issues, but still they have not supported the People’s War in India, Philippines, and Turkey. In fact, the leader of NCP (Revolutionary Maoist) have no any faith in People’s War and they do not want to go against the ruling classes of above mentioned countries, particularly India. That’s why in their resolution, they have not mentioned the word ‘Indian expansionism’.

Not only this, they have not mentioned even single word about the efforts done by the Maoist Parties and organizations, of Europe and Latin America, to build a new Revolutionary Center.

Let us wait and see, what will be the next step of CPN (Revolutionary Maoist)—they will continue their journey towards unknown destination or they will take revolutionary step.

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