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A ‘18 points leaflet’ was distributed during the two line struggle with Prachanda clique. At that time Prachanda was pleading for the New Democratic Revolution. But, after the 7th National Congress of UCPN(Maoist) , Prachanda clique abandoned the political line of New Democratic Revolution and passed the line of socialism with peaceful transition. It means taking part in the bourgeois election and exercising the parliamentary system. But it is a matter of surprise that, Mohan Baidhya who is ‘pleading’ for the New Democratic Revolution, has signed a joint statement with Prachanda, addressing him as a revolutionary leader.

The leaflet portraits Prachanda as :

1. Eclecticism in philosophy.
2.On the political front, is seen moving toward rightist reformism and national capitulationism from his centrist opportunitism.
3. Prachanda recognizes that party’s prime contradiction lay with India, its agents and the local feudal forces, but in practice he is acting just the otherwise.
4.Prachanda focuses on cooperating with the local forces that favor Indian expansionism and its agents in Nepal.
5. Verbally Prachanda stresses on cooperation with nationalists, communists and republicans but in practice he has been cooperating with the Indian expansionists and their cohorts.
6. At a time when our territories are being continuously encroached upon and demographic invasion is taking place, Dahal has made the citizenship distribution process flexible.
7. Prachanda has supported Indian investments in Upper Karnali and Arun-III hydro-power projects.
8. Prachanda is impeding party’s fraternal relations with international revolutionary forces, whereas he has also been maintaining relations with class enemies more so, Indian intelligence agents.
9 .On the issue of financial discipline, [Pranchanda] is seen tilted toward corruption. [Prachanda] is seen having the tendency of doing anything — both moral and immoral — for the sake of power, money and prestige.
10. Prachanda has deliberately left the party without an accounting system and misused financial means and resources in an individualistic way.
11. Prachanda deviated from the party´s ideological goals by not launching appropriate programs to counter the party´s “principal enemy” — India — and accused Dahal of extending relations with the sympathizers of “Indian expansionism and its comprador class”.
12. Despite being said that we would go for a federal system with autonomy to ethnicities, [Pranchanda] has emphasized unitary and centralized system,” states the document. “bourgeois theory of separation of power, and to minimize the participation of people in the judiciary under the pretext of judicial independence, instead of empowering the People´s Assembly for “Federal democratic republic” instead of the party´s line of “People´s Federal Democratic Republic.”
13. Financial irregularities and misuse of resources.
14. Self-centric individualistic tendency”, intolerance toward those holding dissent anusing his power to silence their voices.
15. Fascist tendency: extending relations with the Indian intelligence agencies.
16. Disarming the PLA and emptying the cantonments in the name of “regrouping” without forging a national security policy, controlling the open border and setting up a border security force.
17. Bourgeois theory of separation of power, and to minimize the participation of people in the judiciary under the pretext of judicial independence, instead of empowering the People´s Assembly.
18. Agreeing to make appointments of judges by a commission, not by the federal assembly as demanded by the party.


Now it is the point to note that : Is not Baidhya faction also following the same line what they pointed out in the 18 points ? Is not Baidhya faction doing the same thing what Prachand had done 3 years ago? Is not Baidhya faction exercising : Self-centric individualistic tendency”, intolerance toward those holding dissent and using power to silence their voices. ? Is not Baidhya faction exercising ‘Eclecticism in philosophy’ and moving toward rightist reformism?

Now it will be relevant to add two more points:
19. Verbally Baidhya and Company speaks for the New Democratic Revolution, but in practice they are doing just opposite.
20. Then, it is right to rebel.

In fact, Baidhya faction has abandoned the political line of New Democratic Revolution. Ideologically Baidhya faction has departed from the revolutionary path and organizationally it is heading toward liquidation. Just they are pretending to be the follower of MLM and NDR, so that, they could be able to make their cadres silence.

It is not our baseless blame , their activities have proved that they are assisting the line and policies of Prachanda, the traitor. Joint statement for the party unification is enough to know the political dynamic and direction of Baidhya faction.

The top leaders including Baidhya use luxurious vehicles with the Police officers— as their security guards. For each top leader of CPN-Maoist, government has provided two police officers for the security. What a matter of irony ! a Maoist leader, who has taken the path of New Democratic Revolution has accepted the Police officers for his security. It is the evidence that they have no faith in party cadres and oppressed people. It is the evidence that they don’t have any militant plan and program to forward the class struggle. Just they are following the program of UCPN(Maoist) in the name of working unity.
What for they are enjoying the police security, is a matter of question and curiosity. Who is their enemy and for what they are ‘fighting’ ? It is hard to know. Then it was natural that most of the young revolutionary leaders and the grass root cadres prominently who believed in armed struggle have left Baidhya and Company. And there are more others who are in the position to depart from the decomposed elements.

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