Attack on Radio Mirmire : 89.4 MHz

Every morning at 6 o clock : It is the news time of Mirmire F.M. But Monday morning  89.4 MHz was not tuning.

Mirmire means The Dawn

During the people’s war we had 5 Radio transmission center from east to west. The first Radio transmission was established in the main base are- the libreted area Rolpa. It was named as People’s Radio- ‘Radio People’s Republic’. Radio Mirmire was the  continuity of Radio People’s Republic.

But now,

Some party activists and journalists loyal to Prachand  faction have looted  Radio Transmitter and computers from Radio  Mirmire Station, based in Anamnagar, Kathmandu.This was the Radio run by Newa State Committee-UCPN(Maoist). Most of the journalists and staffs of this Radio  are the supporter of  National integration and people’s revolution, who had joined the  ten years People’s War.

 Staffs of  Radio Mirmire told that a group of activists led by  staff Bishnu Prasad Sapkota barged into the station office at Anamnagar at around 11:30 pm and took away the computers and the transmitter.

Bishnu Sapkota, who was a cultural activists during the people’s war now  named as   a  gang leader of stealing the Radio equipments.  What a matter of shame! He is the nephew of Agni  Prasad Sapkota PBM of UCPN (Maoist), one of the main leaders of Prachanda camp, who supports Prachanda blindly.

 The Next Front denounces this type of criminal activities and   demand immediate   return of Radio  transmitter and other equipments.  Radio Mirmire is the people’s voice and no one can stop the voice of the people. As soon as its broadcast   must be resumed.




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