Are we marching without destination?

By Rishi Raj Baral

‘Democracy and Class Struggle’ welcomes the redistribution of power within the UCPN (Maoist) and the appointment of Mohan Baidya aka Comrade Kiran as head of Party Organisation as well as the disciplinary body.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thanks to Democracy and Class struggle for its deep concern about the Nepalese Maoist Movement. ‘Distribution of power’ is a matter to welcome, but there is no any guarantee of implementation in practice.

It is not easy to move ahead. There are a lot of challenges in front of Comrade Baidhya. Comrade Badal, known as a ‘silent leader’, who always allied with Comrade Prachada, now  has come from the cave. It is a positive aspect. But what about Bhattarai and Narayan Kagi? I have not to say anything more about Bhattarai, I have written a lot of about his political trend. So far it is concerned with the tendency of  Narayan  Kaji, openly, I would like to pronounce  that he is not  a man of trustworthy. Narayan Kaji always discarded Maoism. He denounced the ‘Ten years People’s War’ and named us as ‘social fascists’. Then how can we respect him as a leader?

In fact, this alliance has created a lot of misunderstanding and to some extent be wilderness too. Frankly, I would like to express that I am not fully convinced with this alliance. In my opinion, we have gone far behind from the spirit of 6th extended meeting of Palungtar. This alliance has widened the passage of rightist deviation. It has made easy gateway to southern hemi-sphere.

It does not mean that I am supporting Dahal. I have written a lot of against Dahal’s ideological line and attitudes. Now he is no more a leader of revolutionary spirit. We have publicized 18 points already.

‘Palungtar is just the beginning’, the first article after the 6th extended meeting, I had mentioned:

After this meeting, the revisionists – the rightist block of the party – look very excited. It looks very optimistic also. But it is not a good sign for Nepali revolution. And everybody from our party knows the consequences of following Prachanda´s ideology. He himself is responsible for this.

In another article ‘Let us raise the flag of revolution high’, I have mentioned:

If the main leader is not ready for this then there is no other way to move the vehicle of revolution except to break relations with the revisionists. To prepare mentally and physically for this kind of movement is the only correct way shown by the history. We must be ready to denounce the revisionists and raise the flag of MLM and revolution.

In ‘New step is needed’, I haved mentioned:

Now we have only two choices: National Surrender in the name of ‘peace and constitution’ or preparation for the revolution from the new sphere. To be in crossroads or to say ‘wait and see ‘ means to destroy our selves.  Then we must have a clear vision to march. Now the time has come to make a new and dynamic decision. Compromise, compromise and compromise means exercising a new type of centrist attitudes.  For the safeguard of MLM and to launch the revolution ahead, now the time has come to make bold decision. It is time to make a great leap forward from the world of necessity to the world of freedom.

 In my latest article ‘Yes, he is being challenged’, I have mentioned:

It is Dahal, who compelled us to make an ‘alliance’ against his authoritarion attitudes.’ It may be justified at the present moment which aimed at checking the authoritarian tendency in the party, but it by no means would solve the ideological questions that are being raised in the party. This is also not a long–term solution. It is still not sure the party would take correct decisions and move towards correct direction even after the decentralization of power. Ideologically, politically and organizationally, the party has already been ruined and corrupted. This type of party organization is not likely to achieve its goal. Any kinds of cosmetic changes would be worthless and would not serve the real purpose of the party. It would be like taking painkiller when a patient has developed a tumor inside the body and needs a surgery. So this type of cosmetic changes and patch up would not cure the disease that the party has suffered. The party now needs rectification and a total revamping and reshuffle. If we want to build a Bolsevik type of party, we, first of all, have to solve ideological questions. In the absence of revolutionary line, a strong party organization and a dynamic leadership, we can do nothing to achieve the revolutionary goal.

 The central committee meeting has concluded.  The dream has come true for some one. It is a matter of pleasant also for those, who were pleading Post-Marxist concept of ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘marginalised community’. But the political situation has become more complicated. We are badly entrapped into the politics of compromise and inaction. The main tactical line has gone in shadow. Instead of applying the revolutionary line and trend, we have preferred the bourgeois line to fight against Dahal’s line and attitudes.  It is not the correct means of long term solution.

We must be clear that we don’t have another way to move the vehicle of revolution except to break relations with the all kinds of opportunists and revisionists. To prepare mentally and physically for this kind of movement is the only correct way shown by the history. In fact, now the time has come to make ‘Real Rupture with Revisionism’.  I am fully determined that this alliance will not take us in the way of revolutionary direction to achieve the goal.

At present, I would like to ask one question to my senior comrades: Comrades! in which direction we are marching  now ? Are we marching without destination?




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