A new information about Dahal, Bhattarai, Mahara and Hisila

(This time we are posting  a new message to our viewers.  We have got this message from our friend Dharmendra Karna a well known TV journalist and the central committee member of  Federation of Nepal Journalist Association. )

Maoist Top Brasses ! Did they send money to Swiss Bank ?

By : Dharmendra Karna

Tuesday, 01 November 2011 15:21

Corporate News Syndicate

The query ‘Have the Maoist leaders transferred money to the Swiss banks’ is storming general people of Nepal.

Instead of quelling the quarry the denial of Nepalese Prime MinisterDr.Baburam Bhattarai fuelled the curiosity to know the reality of the four Maoist leaders deposited huge amount of money into the Swiss banks. On Monday during radio dialogue PM Bhattarai had replied the email sender to take the deposited money by Maoist leaders from the banks as mentioned on Newsblaze.com.

During Radio Nepal direct talk programme a question was to be clarified by PM Bhattarai that in the name of Puspakamal Dahal Prachand, Krishnabahadur Mahara and PM Couple a huge amount of money transferred to Swiss banks through India.

Newsblaze.com has mentioned as’ The leaders of the Maoist Party including ministers of the present Nepal Government, namely, Prachanda (Pushpa K. Dahal), Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, Krishna Mahara, Hishila Yami and others were here to transfer a huge amount of money from Indian
Banks to major Swiss Banks. The amount of that money is even more shocking because it is in the hundreds of million Euros. If the people of Nepal ask the Swiss Government, it can influence the Swiss Banks for the disclosure of the amounts and the account holders’.

Some say PM Bhattarai should have committed to have an investigation  on the issue of transferring money. No one can easily take the money  deposited money into the Swiss banks. If it was easy to draw money from Swiss bank the Indian people including yogi Ramdev and Anna Hazare could have done this for the sake their country.

It is well known to Nepalese people that former king Gyanendra Shah had to dissolve the parliament to draw the money deposited in the name of killed members of royal family. Mr. Halshi Bash of Geneve, Switzerland (CH) has posted it on Newsblaze.com as an open Editor
Contributor and Mr.Bash has further said ‘- For my part, as a person having deep affection towards Nepal, I will do my best to find things in details but the Nepali people should understand my limitations as an Assistant Manager.

The Nepali people should ask the Swiss Government to freeze the money as soon as possible otherwise the Swiss politicians could be bribed bythe Banks to keep the Bank’s secrecy. It has also been said that some European Union members are helping the Maoists to transfer money to
Swiss Banks.’ Therefore , the answer of PM Bhattarai -you take money no one will claim for the money, is not enough to satisfy the growing curiosity.

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