A letter from Comrade Paolo Babini

(We have got a letter from Comrade Pablo Babini of CRAC Italy.  It is an interesting and inspirable letter. “People Must Dream”:  It is the famous saying of V.I. Lenin. It reflects the revolutionary conviction and dedication. Lenin said–”Man’s consciousness not only reflects the objective world, but creates it.”

The portrayal of life in its revolutionary development and struggle is impossible without revolutionary development. On the other hand, the very essence of revolutionary romance consists in the depiction of the progressive development of life, of society’s   progress towards an ideal. To be a socialist realist writer is to portray the present, seeing in it seeds of the future.

A revolutionary dream breaks through the bounds of philistinism, leads a man forward, lends him courage and energy, and gives him a glimpse of the future. Without it nothing great can be achieved in science, art or in any sphere of practical activity. Great fantasies inspired by a desire by a great accomplishments, are a potent force that propels mankind forward, always forward.

We Nepalese intellectuals and cultural activists who fought ten years people’s war with pen and gun have formed an intellectual forum to make public opinion. Now we have started the website The Next Front. We know without revolutionary dream we can’t go ahead, we can’t march forward.)

To the Next Front

Dear comrades, best wishes for the activity you are beginning with your Front.

We, in our Party, the CARC Party of Italy, are thinking about what Lenin told in What Is To Be Done about dreaming. He wrote:

“We should dream!” I wrote these words and became alarmed. I imagined myself sitting at a “unity conference” and opposite me were the Rabocheye Dyelo editors and contributors. Comrade Martynov rises and, turning to me, says sternly: “Permit me to ask you, has an autonomous editorial board the right to dream without first soliciting the opinion of the Party committees?” He is followed by Comrade Krichevsky; who (philosophically deepening Comrade Martynov, who long ago rendered Comrade Plekhanov more profound) continues even more sternly: “I go further. I ask, has a Marxist any right at all to dream, knowing that according to Marx, mankind always sets itself the tasks it can solve and that tactics is a process of the growth of Party tasks which grow together with the Party?”

The very thought of these stern questions sends a cold shiver down my spine and makes me wish for nothing but a place to hide in. I shall try to hide behind the back of Pisarev.

“There are rifts and rifts,” wrote Pisarev of the rift between dreams and reality. “My dream may run ahead of the natural march of events or may fly off at a tangent in a direction in which no natural march of events will ever proceed. In the first case my dream will not cause any harm; it may even support and augment the energy of the working men…. There is nothing in such dreams that would distort or paralyse labour-power. On the contrary, if man were completely deprived of the ability to dream in this way, if he could not from time to time run ahead and mentally conceive, in an entire and completed picture, the product to which his hands are only just beginning to lend shape, then I cannot at all imagine what stimulus there would be to induce man to undertake and complete extensive and strenuous work in the sphere of art, science, and practical endeavour…. The rift between dreams and reality causes no harm if only the person dreaming believes seriously in his dream, if he attentively observes life, compares his observations with his castles in the air, and if, generally speaking, he works conscientiously for the achievement of his fantasies. If there is some connection between dreams and life then all is well.”

Of this kind of dreaming there is unfortunately too little in our movement. And the people most responsible for this are those who boast of their sober views, their “closeness” to the “concrete”, the representatives of legal criticism and of illegal “tail-ism”.

Thinking about this and willing to give a contribution to your Front from the Maoist revolutionaries of Italy, I did a drawing with a banner, and in the banner I wrote a little poem, that is in the attachment.

Lal Salaam,

Paolo Babini, CARC Italy


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