Free the Maruti Workers!

13 of our brothers have been given ‘life sentences’ – including 12 Maruti Suzuki Workers Union body members – on the baseless charge of ‘murder’ on 18 March afternoon by the Gurgaon Additional Sessions Court. 4 workers given 5 year sentences. 14 workers given 3 years, but have already spent 4 years in prison, so released. Of the earlier acquitted 117 workers who spent over 4 years in Jail, we do not yet know as to who will return the lost years. 148 already spent 4 years in Jail without bail since 2012 without bail and 2500 workers were earlier illegally terminated and then faced continual State repression.

Interview with Vasantha Kumari by Jyoti Punwani

Why are they so afraid of someone who is 90% disabled?

Delhi University Professor G N Sai Baba was convicted on March 7 to life in prison under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act — UAPA — for being a member of a banned terrorist organisation, the Communist Party of India Maoist. The professor, who has undergone two spells of imprisonment in Nagpur jail as an undertrial, is 90 per cent disabled and wheelchair-bound. After his arrest in May 2014, he was released on interim bail on medical grounds in July 2015, only to be rearrested in December that year, and released again on the Supreme Court’s orders in April 2016.

An Appeal by Varavara Rao

An Appeal to the People, Democratic Organizations, Individuals, Mass Organizations and Political Parties

Let us build a broad united democratic movement to demand for the release of Prof. G.N. Saibaba, Hem Mishra, Prashant Rahi, Mahesh Tirke, Pandu Narote and Vijay Tirke convicted under UAPA by the sessions judge Gadchiroli, Maharastra let us also fight to withdraw the draconian UAPA itself.

Unconditional Release of GN Saibaba and others: RYSM

Releasing a statement, Revolutionary youth student movement of Bangladesh has demanded unconditional release of GN Saibaba, Hem Mishra, Prasanta Rahi and all other democratic activists. As it has mentioned: ” Fascist Indian state disclosed its actual fascism under the mask of democracy. Fascist state and government sentenced GN SAIBABA to life and put other democratic activists to jail. We condemn and firmly oppose such kind of injustice. “

Statement by Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP)

CRPP Statement on the conviction and life sentences by the Gadchiroli Sessions Court of MAHESH TIRKI, PANDU NAROTE, HEM MISHRA, PRASHANT RAHI, VIJAY TIRKI AND GN SAIBABA!


Professor GN Saibaba and four others get life sentence

The District and Sessions Court in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra, on Tuesday sentenced Delhi University professor Gokarakonda Naga Saibaba and four others to life in prison under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

MFPR Italy – critical notes for 8th march

The Proletarian Revolutionary Feminist Movement is a generated organization promoted by PCM-Italy even before its constitution, to lead proletarian women to revolution, to assert the “revolution in the revolution” and construct a mass vanguard contingent in the women’s movement in general, and to contend with the bourgeoisie, opportunism, revisionism for the hegemony on the women’s movement. Therefore, MFPR works with other women’s organizations placed in the same trench and fighting the same battle throughout the women’s movement both in the imperialist countries and in the countries oppressed by imperialism…..

Maoist Welcoming Speech from the LLL Weekend

We are documenting here a Maoist Communist speech that was sent to us on the occasion of the commemorative activities for Lenin, Liebknecht, Luxemburg and other fallen communists and revolutionaries in January.

Spring thunder over India: People’s Daily

(First published as an editorial in People’s Daily, organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on 5 July 1967.)

A peal of spring thunder has crashed over the land of India. Revolutionary peasants in the Darjeeling area have risen in rebellion. Under the leadership of a revolutionary group of the Indian Communist Party a red area of rural revolutionary armed struggle has been established in India. This is a development of tremendous significance for the Indian people’s revolutionary struggle.

Nepalese Maoist movement needs a new breakthrough

Rishi Raj Baral

On Fagun 1, 2052 (February 13, 1996), Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) had waged the People’s War in Nepal. On Sunday, Nepalese ‘Maoists’ observed 22nd anniversary of the great People’s War in Nepal. At that time there was only one Maoist Party. Now we have four : Nepal Communist Party (Revolutionary Maoist), led by Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’,  Communist Nucleus, Nepal, Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) led by Netra Bikram Chanda ‘Biplav’ and Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Center) led by Prachanda.