50th Anniversary Of Naxalbadi Uprising

Dears readers and viewers!

 We are frequently publishing news and views regarding ” 50 Years Of Naxalbadi Uprising”. Particularly, we are publishing materials in our Nepalese online janamel.com . To provide more and more information about” 50 Years Of Naxalbadi Uprising” and other news on Maoist Movement to our readers, we are frequently translating and publishing  articles and news from English. We have published special Editorial in janamel.com, regarding ” 50 Years Of Naxalbadi Uprising”. Though it will be problem to understand Nepalese language, but we urge to our international viewers just to click : janamel.com


50th Anniversary  Of Naxalbadi Uprising

1. international diffusion of this text in all actions and meeting for 50th anniversary of Naxalbari Uprising

meetings, demostrations, actions in all cuntries possible

2.weekly informations  about this campaign in India and in the world in may- june – july (monthly)

3. 3rd september – international meeting for 50th anniversary – Italy



13 may 2017





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