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Press release from CPI (Maoist) Central Committee, regarding betrayal of Jinugu Narasinha Reddy!

Down with the shameful betrayal and surrender of Jinugu Narasinha Reddy! Long live the revolutionary tradition of uncompromising struggle and selfless sacrifice! The revolution will surge forward sweeping aside all kinds of much on its path! Jinugu Narasimha Reddy(Jhampanna, Rajesh), a member of the Central Committee(CC) of our party, has surrendered before the enemy. He […]

The Greatest Friendship: Mao on Stalin

Comrade Stalin’s contribution to our era through his theoretical activities and practice is incalculable. Comrade Stalin represented our entire new age. His activities have led the Soviet people and the working people of all countries to turn around the whole world situation. That is to say, the cause of justice and of People’s Democracy and […]

Kobad Ghandy Re-Arrested

 Press Statement from Kobad Ghandy After being acquitted in all cases and spending eight years and three months in jail, when I, Kobad Ghandy was finally released from jail, I was re-arrested by the Jharkhand Police just three days after release. On Dec 16, 2017, I was attending the Achempet Court (near Hyderabad), the Jharkhand, […]

Comrade Pierre is immortal! Statement from French Maoist Party

  Comrade Pierre is immortal! Statement from French Maoist Party Comrades, Our Comrade Pierre is dead. Saturday, December 2, following a demonstration, he took a terrible fall on the stairs of the subway that left him in critical condition. On Sunday, the medical team confirmed that he no longer had brain activity. He was disconnected […]

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