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50 Years of Naxalbari: A Path for Alternative Development

50 Years of Naxalbari: A Path for Alternative Development by :Purnendu Sekhar Mukherjee In the last 50 years several thousand marginal farmers have been martyred in the hands of mercenary armies of landlords or the police just to establish their rights over land and its produce. In 1977-78 when there were efforts to revive the […]

Charlottesville and Fascism in the US

Nida Siddiqui : Heather Heyer and more on Charlottesville Donald Trump is now under attack from all quarters, including the Butcher of Baghdad and Kabul – George W Bush and his father George Bush Sr. condemning the Presidents standpoint on the recent Charlottesville violence, where Trump blamed both sides, i.e. the fascist white supremacists and the […]

Seminar on the 50th anniversary of Naxalbari Spring Thunder

National seminar on : The Impact of Naxalbari on Indian Society, Its Achievements and Challenges This is the 50 th anniversary of the spring thunder over India. Naxalbari carved the path of Indian revolution by restoring the essence of Marxism on this soil and it was the great turning point in Indian political scenario. The […]

Bangladesh: Communique of the 4th National Congress of PBSP

We are highly glad to inform all the party members, activists and guerillas, sympathizers, supporters of the party and all the revolution-loving people that, very recently, 4th National Congress of the Party has been successfully held and completed.

Gorkhaland Movement: History, Flaws & Prospect

By Vijay Thapa  The year 1816 may be regarded as the turning point in the history of the Gorkha nation. Prior to this unfortunate year, the Nepalese economy was not only self-reliant but had developed in trade, while industrial production had also begun. While Bronze of Bhojpur in Eastern Nepal was famous, the mining of […]

Release abducted writer: Varavara Rao

Appeal to the writers and democratic forces, for the immediate release of Tushar Kanti Bhattacharya. Tushar Kanti Bhattacharya aged 62 was abducted by Gujarat Police while he was arriving to Nagpur from Kolkata by Gitanjali express at 7.30 AM. I quote here the message sent by Prof. Soma Sen, Nagpur University “Thushar, my Husband was […]

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