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Gwadloup: 50th Anniversary of the Massacre of Mé 1967!

source : rtedspark Fifty years ago, on the 26 and 27 May 1967, the French government repressed in cold blood a demonstration by construction workers in Guadeloupe. Construction workers demanded a 2% wage increase and organized a rally in front of the Pointe-à-Pitre Chamber of Commerce. The CRS and then the gendarmes (the “red kepis”) opened fire on […]

Bangladesh: 50th Anniversary of Naxalbari celebrated in Dhaka

source: redspark Procession and discussion meeting held at 50th anniversary of Naxalbari was held in Dhaka on 25th May. At around 3:30 pm a procession started from the Press Club to Progoti conference room, Mukti Bhawan, 2 Purana Paltan in Dhaka. The meeting and Discussion was led by Jafar Hossain, assisted by Atif Anik started […]

Charu Mazumdar: One Year of Naxalbari Struggle

Full one year has passed since the peasant struggle in Naxalbari began. This struggle is different from all other peasant struggles. Where is the difference? Peasants have always struggled against various injustices and oppressions.

“Naxalbari Zindabad!” means “It’s Right to Rebel!” : A World To Win 23,1999

Thirty years ago, the armed rebellion of the peasants of Naxalbari, a village in the State of West Bengal, sparked off a revolutionary conflagration in India. Centuries-old shackles of oppression and exploitation were attacked. Revisionist appeals to continue living as obedient slaves were scornfully ignored. The poor and downtrodden peasants dared to seize political power […]

50th Anniversary Of Naxalbadi Uprising

Dears readers and viewers!  We are frequently publishing news and views regarding ” 50 Years Of Naxalbadi Uprising”. Particularly, we are publishing materials in our Nepalese online . To provide more and more information about” 50 Years Of Naxalbadi Uprising” and other news on Maoist Movement to our readers, we are frequently translating and […]

Tribute to Ibrahim Kaypakkaya

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya died 44 years ago, assassinated by the armed forces of the Turkish reactionary state. Ibrahim Kaypakkaya was the founder of the TKP/ML (Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist) and it’s armed wing TIKKO (Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants of Turkey).

Bangladesh: Celebration of 50 years of Naxalbari

Friends, The importance and dignity of the peasant uprising of Naxalbari is immense in the communist movement of South Asia. With the influence of China’s cultural revolution in 1967, the peasant’s movement in West Bengal’s rural areas was the voices of the struggles to stand and fight against the powerful state are still echoing. The […]

Freedom and Justice for Professor Saibababa!

The conviction of the English professor of the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi Gokarakonda Naga Saibaba has created sadness and indignation. The decision of the District and Sessions Court in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra to impose life imprisonment on Professor Saibaba and five other co-defendants is an unprecedented decision in the judicial annals of India since its […]

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