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Activists, Scholars Appeal To ‘Restore Rule Of Law’ In Bastar, India

A galaxy of eminent lawyers, scholars, writers, artists, editors, journalists and other concerned citizens have signed a strong appeal today, calling for the restoration of the rule of law in Bastar, India .

Portland Maoist Group Announcement Statement

The world is in crisis. Capitalism-Imperialism is tearing the world apart at its seams, forcing the majority of the world into brutal poverty. This crisis demands a solution, a solution which addresses all who feel the burden of capitalism. For decades in America we have continually sought new solutions to this now old problem of […]

Founding Statement of the Tampa Maoist Collective

On January 25th 2017- We are excited to announce the founding of the Tampa Maoist Collective, a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist-Maoist cadre organization.  As revolutionaries in the United States we recognize that only the science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism can build for the overthrow of capitalism, imperialism, and fascism.  The current US left is dominated by revisionism and reformism […]

Condemn the Intimidation of Bela Bhatia: PUDR

PUDR strongly condemns the intimidation of activist Bela Bhatia by members of the vigilante group AGNI on 23 January 2017. This intimidation comes just a few days after the NHRC’s visit to Bastar to record the statements of women who have suffered sexual violence at the hands of the security forces and the police in […]

Press Statement by CPI (Maoist)

Image: Avaninews Red Salutes to the beloved son of the proletariat class, the courageous leader of the oppressed masses of our country, Comrade Kuppu Devaraj

The legal-left and other toothless dogs: AJ-20 report

The pig collaborators clutched their pearls days before the first big demo of the new year. They sent their most palatable representatives to seek a parlay with us wanting some kind of “assurance” that we were not planning to “wig out,” which we assume means riot. This is all due to the fact that so-called […]

Message from PCM for Lenin-Luxemburg-Liebknecht Demonstration

Comrades, The Parti Communiste maoïste, founded a year ago in France, sends its warmest greetings to the participants of the LLL-Demonstration 2017. We regret not being able to be physically present at this event and apologize for that.

A bad article and an incorrect critique : jofu

(We got this article very late. But we appreciate the view expressed in this article.  We know, these days, the peace talk is going on between the Communist Party of the Philippines and Duterte government and the Philippine peoples are in the street demanding the ”Free all Political Prisoners”. Not only this, just we have […]

Interview with Gajarla Ravi, CPI (Maoist) central committee member, by ‘The Week’

photo :Avaninews The government claims you have suffered one of the biggest setbacks, since inception, at the hands of security forces. It is true to some extent. But, that is not in the free zone, where we run our own government. We will no longer be doing guerrilla warfare and would only retaliate when attacked. […]

Commemoration of the martyrdom of Siraj Sikder

The Martyr, Revolutionary and Patriot Memorial Sansad (MRPMS) commemorated all of the martyrs, revolutionaries and patriots of the nation on the National Martyr Day, the 2nd January, as it is doing each year.

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