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Release RK and adivasis:Varavara Rao

(Releasing a press statement, Varavara Rao, President of Revolutionary Democratic Front,  has demand the police and the government to treat RK and 9 adivasis as prisoners of war and to release them, respecting the international law. He has explained in detail the intire story of the Malkangiri fake encounter.As he states: ”Though this Encounter was […]

CRPP and PUCLcondemn the Malkangiri fake encounter

(Condemning the Malkangiri fake encounter civil right oraganisations like Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP)  and Peoples union for civil liberties(PUCL ) have released  press statement and political parties and the progressive intellectuals and citizens have oraganised protest programs in various parts of India. Here are the press statements by CRPP and PUCL.)

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