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Release MN Ravunni, Vice President, CRPP and Renowned Maoist Intellectual Immediately and Unconditionally !

Constitute an independent judicial enquiry —free from the influences of the Kerala Government –into the alleged fake encounter killings of Ms Ajitha and Mr. Kuppu Devraaj, functionaries of the CPI(Maoist) ! Redo the Post Mortem of the deceased under the guidelines set by the supreme court !Book the police officers involved in the killings of […]

Support the People’s War in India

At the outset, we would like to inform you that, to provide more and more information about the Maoist Movement, at present we are publishing the news and views through our online Medias and Janamel (people’s voice) is publishing news and views in Nepali language and the Next Front in English. It is […]

India, The prison house of People’s Movement : ICSPWI

The statement while exposing the duplicity of Chidambaram (the then Home Minister) squarely put him on the dock pointing out that he lacks any moral right to charge the Maoists with ‘abduction’ when his government has put behind bars thousands of adivasis.

French Maoist Party on Trump’s Election

Despite the predictions of all media and polls, Donald Trump won the United States presidential election. This election and the campaign before it are nothing but a bitter joke against the oppressed masses not only of the United States but of the whole world! A sexist, racist, daddy’s boy billionaire, business upstart at the head […]

Trump’s rise and its indication :Indra Mohan Sigdel ‘Basanta’

On November 9, 2016 presidential election took place in the United States of America. Donald Trump, the candidate of Republican Party, has been elected so as to take charge of the president of America. He is the 45th president elected from the 58th election of America that takes place in every four years. He secured […]

Oppose State terror Against Kashmir people: Press Statement by CPI(Maoist)

Demand a stop to the war-mongering, chauvinism and aggression by the expansionist Hindu-fascist Modi regime against Pakistan!Oppose state terror against the Kashmiri people! Support the just struggle of the Kashmiri nation for Azadi! The pre-dawn attack of 18 September on an Indian Army base at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir left 17 army jawans dead and […]

Solidarity with the People’s War in India : PCM France

(This is the Press Statement by Communist Party of France (Maoist)- PCM France.  PCM France has condemned the Malkangiri fake encounter and has expressed the strong solidarity with the People’s War in India. The press statement has mentioned : ”We bring by this message all our solidarity with the CPI (Maoist), the People’s Guerrilla Army […]

Trump’s Victory gains fascio-imperialism: PCM Italy

Trump has won! Fascism-imperialism has won – like BREXIT, worst of BREXIT!Trump has won! Fascism-imperialism has won – like BREXIT, worst of BREXIT! US imperialism, responds to internal and international crisis, with the fascism/imperialism. Trump collects and directs the reactionary mass protest, including that one of the massive aristocracy of the American working class and […]

Solidarity with the CPI (Maoist)

Meeting of Parties and Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organizations in Latin America have passed a class solidarity resolution concerning the People’s War in India. As they have mentioned : ”From Latin America we send the message that here we will moving forward redoubling our efforts to develop people’s war and thus keep marching shoulder to shoulder with our […]

Malkangiri fake encounter: Not any response by the Nepalese Maoist Parties

Rishi Raj Baral The current situation faced by the Nepalese Maoist Movement has become the matter of concern and curiosity for all-inside the country and abroad. These days, everyone is asking a question—what the Nepalese Maoists are doing? Are they still at the crossroads or they are heading towards somewhere? It is not the matter […]

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