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CPI(Maoist) calls for Bandha on November3

Communist Party of India (Maoist) has called for a 24-hour bandha in 5 states—Odisha, Andrapradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Chhatisgadh to protest against the Malankangiri fake encounter. In a press statement released by comrade Pratap the spokesperson of CPI(Maoist) Central Zonal, has instructed all institutions to remain closed on November 3.

Let us stand with the Comrades of India

(Here we are posting the message by Redspark.  On behalf of Nepalese oppressed people, Our Revolutionary Intellectual-Culture Front stand in solidarity with the Comrades leading the revolution in India. We condemn the fascist Indian Government and urge to  all progressive individuals and organisations to organise and campaign against the ongoing war on people in the […]

Marxism and Revisionism : V.I.Lenin

There is a well-known saying that if geometrical axioms affected human interests attempts would certainly be made to refute them. Theories of natural history which conflicted with the old prejudices of theology provoked, and still provoke, the most rabid opposition.

With great pleasure, we announce

”Celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversaries of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR) and the Historic Naxalbari Armed Uprising, Centenary of the Earth-shaking Russian Socialist Revolution and the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Great Teacher of International Proletariat Karl Marx with Revolutionary Enthusiasm and Spirit.”                                                                                                  CPI (Maoist)

Gaddar : against the State terror

Protesting voice cannot be silenced with bullet. “Nobody can stifle the voice of people who question the oppressive policies of the rulers. The protesting voice cannot be caged; hanged and silenced with bullets. It continues to remain alive in the hearts of the millions, who continue to protest the repression,” says revolutionary balladeer from Telangana […]

दशैँ र हाम्रा कामरेडहरू

ऋषिराज बराल एक हिसाबले अब दशैँ सकियो । द्वन्द्वात्मक भौतिकवादमा विश्वास राख्नेहरूले यस्ता चाडपर्वहरूलाई कसरी हेर्ने र बुझ्ने भन्ने बहस र छलफलहरू हिजोका दिनदेखि  नै  चलेका हुन् । पुर्वीय र पाश्चात्य समाजको चरित्र र मूल्यअनुसार चाडपर्वहरूको प्रकृति र मूल्य  फरकफरक भएपनि प्रत्येक समाज, जातजाति र समुदायसित चाडपर्वहरू अभिन्न रूपमा गाँसिएका छन् । चाडपर्वहरूको सान्दर्भिकता, आवश्यकता, […]

ब्राजिलमा मालेमावादीहरूको अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय गोष्ठी

साम्राज्यवादको चरित्रसम्बन्धी लेनिनको महत्वपूर्ण रचना ‘साम्राज्यवाद पुँजीवादको सर्वोच्च चरण’ प्रकाशित भएको १०० वर्ष पुगेको सन्दर्भ र कमरेड माओको नेतृत्वमा चिनियाँ जनताद्वारा चलाइएको ‘चिनियाँ महान् सर्वहारा सांस्कृतिक क्रान्ति’ ५० वर्ष पूरा भएको सन्दर्भमा ब्राजिलमा एउटा महत्वपूर्ण गोष्ठी भैरहेको छ  ।

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