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Lal Salam Comrade Sushil Roy

(The veteran leader of CPI (Maoist) Comrade Sushil Roy has passed away following the prolonged illness. He was 78. He was arrested in 2005 and was kept in Jail. He was released in payroll on bail bond in 2012, when his physical condition was deteriorated. He had joined Communist party of India in 1963. He […]

काठमाडौँ जिल्ला सम्मेलनले दिएको शिक्षा

रत्न (नेकपा–माओवादीको आगामी राष्ट्रिय सम्मेलनका सन्दर्भमा विभिन्न जिल्लामा भएका जिल्ला सम्मेलनहरू, खासगरेर नेवा राज्य समिति र तामसालिङ राज्य समितिसम्बद्ध कतिपय जिल्ला सम्मेलनहरू निकै विवादित बनेका समाचारहरू प्रकाशमा आए । क्रान्तिकारी विचार र फरक मत राखनेहरूप्रति राज्य समितिको नेतृत्व तहमा रहेका कतिपयहरूबाट पूर्वाग्रहपूर्ण व्यवहार भयो, गुटबन्दी गरियो भन्ने समाचारहरू पनि प्रकाशमा आए । यस्तै काठमाडौँ जिल्लाको […]

CPI (Maoist) on Modi’s victory

”Narendra Modi has been put forward by the imperialists, the MNCs, big comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie and big landlords to divert the people’s wrath against the neo-liberal policies of the ruling classes and usher in fascism like Hitler to serve their interests more effectively… Modi’s Gujarat Model of fascist rule now extends to the entire country […]

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