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भ्रममा नपर्न कमरेड ‘विरही’ को अपिल

(कथित संविधान सभाको निर्वाचनका विरुद्ध सक्रिय र सशक्त रूपमा बहिष्कार अभियान चलाइरहेको नेकपा–माओवादीका विरुद्ध प्रतिक्रियावादी सरकारले देशीविदेशी शक्तिहरूको इसारामा राज्यआतङ्कका सबै हतियारहरू प्रयोग गरेर  दमन र आतङ्क फैलाइरहेको छ । अहिले आएर पार्टीको  निर्णयका विरुद्ध समेत भ्रम र अन्यौल सिर्जना गर्ने काम भएको छ । यसै क्रममा नेकपा–माओवादी, ताम्सालिङ राज्यसमितिका नाममा कार्यालयका तर्फबाट भन्दै हालै […]

Condemn the State Terror

Rishi Raj Baral CPN-Maoist Intensifying  the Boycott Campaign  ”We are not opponent of the CA election in an absolute sense, however, this election is not being held to write people’s constitution, rather it is based on the design of taking the country towards Sikkimisation. So, our party, the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist, has decided to […]

Statement by the Comrades of Galicia

( Dear viewers and readers !  At the outset, we would like to inform you that  these days we are facing some technical problems, that we are unable to post Photos and Images in our Blog. Not only this, due to some problems we are not able to update our Blog and to give authentic […]

Release Rajkishore Immediately

(Varavara Rao and GN Saibaba, President and Joint Secretary of Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) have  released a press statement condemning the  arbitrary arrest of Rajkishore, On the 1st of November, Rajkishore a man of 71years,  was arrested by  the Bihar police at his home Bakhari, Motihari District of Bihar  He is a wellknown intellectual and […]

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