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Solidarity to the Turkish People

(First of all, we the Nepalese People who are fighting against the reactionary government of Nepal, backed by American imperialism and Indian expansionism, would like to express our strong solidarity to the oppressed Turkish people who are intensifying the mass movements against the Turkish reactionaries. The people of Turkey have raised the flag of revolt […]

Salute the renewed Spring Thunder

(Here is the article written by Comrade Asit Das in reply to National Alliance of People’s Movement’s ( NAPM) Statement on Bastar Incident. This is a marvelous article, a powerful article,  that  highlights upon the class character of violence and unmasks the real face of so called leftists, who always deny the role of revolutionary […]

New Peals of Spring Thunder

Rishi Raj Baral Once again, CPI (Maoist) and the oppressed people of India have become the main issue of public concern. The action of May 25 has created a lot of debate and discussion among the intellectuals,  politicians and as well as  common people. Most of the medias, specially the big house medias that always […]

साहित्यिक हाटबजार र तमासे कामरेडहरू

डा. ऋषिराज बराल  नेट–इन्टरनेटको बढ्दो आक्रमणबीच पनि नेपालमा साहित्यिक लेखन त्यसमा पनि उपन्यास लेखन जसरी फस्टाएको देखिन्छ, यो निकै खुसीको कुरा हो । तर योसित जेजस्ता सालनालहरू गाँसिएर आएका छन्, यसले गम्भीर लेखक र लेखनका साथै अध्ययनशील समालोचक र सचेत पाठकका सामु भने एउटा निकै ठूलो चुनौती उपस्थित भएको छ ।  आजभोलि सत्यको सामना गर्ने, […]

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